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I came to Rent a Wheel and they got me some sick off road tires, same day installed. Jesse Treated me real good and they had good customer service.
Dillon Sietleer
Covina, CA
I came to Rent a Wheel because they hook me up and nice to me.
Tim Olegario
Duarte, CA
This guys gave me 3 moths same as cash when no one else would give me credit all you need is driver license social security card and a Job.
Bianca C.
Baldwin Park, CA
We came to Rent-A-Tire when we first were looking for wheels and tires and the nice, friendly staff found me exactly the rims I was looking for. We have had great customer service and will surely come back and get wheels and tires for any new vehicles we purchase.
Anna Castaneda
Harlingen, Texas
When I came into Rent-A-Tire, the service was great! I finally found and got the wheels I always wanted for my 2003 Ford Taurus. Thanks to the staff at Rent-A-Tire for the fast and friendly service.
Esequiel Rodriguez
Brownsville, TX
I love Rent A Wheel. In 1 hour they made my 1992 honda civic look like this.
Ioan Busuico
Riverside Ca,
I have been a customer at Rent-A-Tire for 5 months and my experience has been great. There has never been a time when the staff has not given me 110% in terms of customer service.
Jason Warren
Corpus Christi, Texas
I can honestly say that I'm very happy with my selection of my new wheels and the service is amazing! The staff is very friendly and they make you feel at home. I would also recommend Rent A Wheel for everyone!
Jeleisha Cobb
Kissimmee, FL
We have been very happy and satisfied with Rent-A-Tire’s customer service since the first time we got wheels and tires. Thanks to all employees at Rent-A-Tire for the service and for getting us into this new set of 22” for our vehicle.
Nancy Olivarez
Brownsville, Texas
Rent A Wheel helped me to get my ride the exact way that I wanted it. They have the best customer service backed by some of the best sales agents. Thank you Rent A Wheel.
George Denis
Kissimmee, FL
Shane [at Rent A Tire 24] took real good care of me. [He] got me in and out real quick. [They] got my ride looking GOOD!
My experience with Rent-A-Tire has been a great one! I have had two accounts and throughout the term of each one I have been satisfied. Each time I have come in to the store whether it be to make a payment or have service done on the wheels and tires I have always been quickly attended to in a more than courteous way. The Rent A Tire team makes you feel as if you were part of the “Rent A Tire family”. Their goal to me is to get you in and get you out as quickly as possible while making you feel special and important while you’re there. Rent a Tire is by far the best place to get your wheels and tires, with the best prices and best attitude you can
I, Laketha Gauntt, was satisfied with Rent-A-Wheel service. They were very professional and time-sensitive. I really love my rims and I would purchase rims from Rent-A-Wheel again. Rent-A-Wheel takes care of their customers and that’s always a “PLUS” in my book. I give them two thumbs up [for] overall service!!!