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Best Off-Road Tires By Brand

Best Off-Road Tires By Brand

Are your weekends filled with trips far off the paved roads? Do you find your relaxation or enjoyment in the dirt, sand, mountains, or riversides? 

If so, a standard tire just simply won’t do the trick. 

Is there a chance a standard tire will get you through your trip? Maybe, but do you really want your plans to rely on a maybe? 

Proper off-road gear is essential as you make your way deeper down the trail, and sure enough, tires are a must. These are the best off-road tires on the market. 

Why Off Road Tires

While some tires on the market are built for all-around performance, specialty tires such as off-road tires are built with a primary focus in mind. 

If it wasn’t clear enough, off-road tires are built to excel in conditions off the standard roadway. This could include:

  • Sand

  • Dirt

  • Mud

  • Rocks

  • River Beds 

  • Mountain Passes 

  • Much more

While some off-road tires are built for balanced performance, others may be built to excel in one given situation, such as a mud tire. 

A major factor when buying tires is determining if your rig will be “trail only”, a daily to take on the trail, or a full overland rig. A trail-only rig wouldn't require a DOT or street use tire, while an overland rig should feel comfortable on the road as well. 

Types of Off Road Tires

When shopping for off-road tires, a simple search for the terms “off-road” may not cut it. There are different styles of tires designed to take you down the trails, and depending on your needs, certain tires may be more suited for you. 

All-terrain tires are your all-in-one, the road to trail tire suited perfectly for a daily driver that hits the trails, Overlanding rigs, or even your trail rig that is driven to and from your adventures. 

These tires are first designed for multiple forms of trail use, allowing you to drive through sand, mud, gravel, and even a bit of rock crawling. This is followed by a solid tread pattern designed for the wet and dry roadways giving you a quiet, smooth ride. 

The phrase “A jack-of-all-trades is a master of none” truly defines all-terrain tires. You will want to use these tires within reason. Sure, you can drive through some mud and ruts, but these may not be the tires to bury your rig in the deep muck.

You can expect a stiffer sidewall, with a softer tread pattern to give you grip even in slippery conditions. 

Mud terrain tires are for the adventurer that’s sure to see the mud pit and trail. Mud tires have large, deep treads which allow the tire to keep traction where most others would fail and spin. 

Tire traction in the mud is often lost because the tread becomes packed with mud, especially in clay-filled areas. These deep, large treads allow the tire to dig past the slow into the more solid surface to gain traction. Matches with a multi-ply sidewall for stability and resistance to puncture, you can put these tires through a lot of pressure. 

A key secret to mud tires is their angle-cut thread patterns. One normal tire tread is cut straight at a 90-degree angle into the tire, while on mud tires, the tread is cut at a slight angle. This slight V-shaped tread allows mud to dislodge as the tire spins at a higher rate, unpacking the mud and giving you a better chance for traction. 

Mud tires typically make a lot of road noise, which isn’t ideal for many drivers. They also aren’t designed for road use, meaning they may experience reduced traction and increased wear on the wheel. These are great for trail-specific rigs. 

Rock crawlers or rock tires are designed for slow, extreme grip to pull you up and over obstacles. In many cases, rock crawlers are put under major loads at awkward angles, causing manufacturers to create a heavily reinforced sidewall to hold up in the strangest of uses. 

These tires usually have extremely soft tread, allowing the tire to fold and form to unexpected surfaces. These tires are known to feel spongy or extremely soft when on roadways, and are not recommended for high speeds. These should be used on designated trail rigs put through extreme conditions. 

Snow tires are a must-have when in snow and ice-covered climates, and have made their way on many streetcars due to their amazing adaptation to bad weather conditions. 

These tires are very soft, with deep tread allowing them to dig through snow and gain traction while also remaining soft enough to keep traction on the ice. With such a soft tread, these tires tend to wear out quickly on dry, hot asphalt. 

Even with increased wear, many drivers in snow areas swap their tires to snow tires during the winter months due to just how much of a difference they make. 

Off Road Tires

Off-road tires remain a must-have for trails and paths out into the great outdoors. These are our favorite off-road tires, and why you should consider them with your offroad rig. 

AMP Terrain Attack M/T

When looking for an all-terrain tire that will perform great on the road and the trail alike, the AMP Terrain Attack tires are designed for just that. 

These three-ply sidewalls are designed for puncture resistance while being stiff enough to remain a reasonable on-road tire, yet soft enough to crawl over anything in its path.

When crawling over obstacles in your path, some days it's about more than just the road's contact patch. Terrain Attack M/T wrap the tread pattern around the sides of the tires, giving you grip even on the most uneven of surfaces.

Ironman All Country M/T

When looking for a beefy tire to push you through the rain, dirt, gravel, and roadways, the Ironman All Country M/T are your go-to all-terrain tire. 

With stubbled tread, these tires have an extra bite on smooth and unexpected surfaces, helping you pull through sand and stone. The large gaps between tread help clear the tire of mud, allowing you to dig deeper and push forward. 

These tires come in a mass range of sizes, ensuring their tires will meet your size needs. 

Toyo Observe G3-Ice 

If you live in a snow and ice-filled area quite far from the main routes, you’ve experienced winters without plowed roads where traction is a must. Toyo Observe G3-Ice is a studded snow tire, giving you maximum grip on ice surfaces. 

While the tire itself grabs and pulls you across snow-covered routes, the studs or metal spikes dig into the ice below, giving you further traction for the worse conditions. 

Studded tires should not be used on clear roadways, which will wear out the studs and possibly damage the tire. 

Studded tires are not legal in all states. You should confirm with your local guidelines on the use of studded tires. 

BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

When looking for an all-terrain, all-weather tire, the BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 are a must-have. 

These tires visually look and feel aggressive, making them a great addition to any build. The serrated tread design gives you maximum traction from any traction, on any surface. 

These tires have received the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake Award, meaning they have surpassed the industry standard for a snow tire, and have been tested and proven in medium packed snow. 

These tires come in a wide range of sizes to meet your build needs. 

Yokohama Geolander A/T G015

When you plan to spend much of your time on a road, with the occasional trip off the beaten path, Yokohama Geolander A/T G015 is a must. These tires are designed for primary street use, giving you maximum traction and performance on your daily commute with deep water and snow tread to keep you pushing forward, regardless the weather. 

The deep tread makes these tires a great option for dirt roads, light gravel, and even packed sand. 

With these being road-focused tires, they do have their offroad limitations but remain a perfect option for your daily driver or overland rig. 

Which Tires For You?

Off-road tires focus on taking the trip one step further. Why look at the mountain from the bottom when you can stand on top? 

While some off-road tires are designed for and should remain off-road, many tires are designed for street and dirt use. This means jumping in your rig and traveling to the wonders before you attack them. 

You should always purchase your tires from a trusted source. Fakes could make their way onto the market, and when a tire’s true origins are unknown, performance remains questionable. Quality manufacturers take pride in their products and often provide a warranty and customer support. 

When purchasing tires from our teams at Rent-A-Wheel, you’ll receive the best tires and wheel on the market with free shipping, free mountain, free balance, and endless support. 

It’s time to hit the trail. 

Which tire will keep you planted?