Rent A Wheel’s reputation and growth is determined by the individuals who represent us in the marketplace. Your investment with Rent A Wheel is really an investment of yourself. Our selection process is designed so that you and Rent A Wheel will have ample time and information to make an informed business decision.

Several meetings will take place in both your maket and at our corporate office in Los Angeles. There is no definite schedule for these meetings, but you should:

  • Review the information in this site and talk with the Vice President of Franchising to answer any questions you may have
  • Complete the Confidential Personal Information Form and return it to the address provided
  • Schedule a day to visit our corporate office for a presentation on the Rent A Wheel franchise program
  • Receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and sign the Acknowledgment of Receipt Form as required by the Federal Trade Commission
  • Understand the limitations and potential of the franchise
  • Develop a simple business plan that will enable you to make the right decision and secure adequate financing, if necessary

Through this process, you will receive a substantial amount of information on the industry and Rent A Wheel. Because this is a major commitment for both parties, we will have enough information regarding one another to determine if we are a good match.


Rent A Wheel’s people are the backbone of the company. Their dedication and commitment to excellence have enabled us to achieve the status and market share we enjoy today. Our philosophy is to provide an environment in which our franchisees can develop to their fullest potential.

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to become better acquainted with our company, I invite you to contact our Vice President of Franchising, so together we can determine if our franchise program is right for you. Call 818.786.7906 x287.

Contact Us

Please contact us using the brief form below and a franchise representative will contact you or call us at 818-786-7906 x 4105.