A Unique Position In The Market

Rent A Wheel offers another choice in the wheel and tire market, a choice that falls outside conventional retailing for those customers who want custom wheel and tires but cannot afford them through traditional retail means. If the customer wants temporary use of a quality product at an affordable price, Rent A Wheel provides that option. If the customer wants ownership at an affordable price, Rent A Wheel also provides that option. This positions Rent A Wheel into the much larger retail market place and leaves enormous potential for growth for Rent A Wheel.

In fact, there is little disparity between the final purchase price at Rent A Wheel and the final purchase price at a conventional wheel and tire retailer after interest and service charges. In some cases, our "cash and carry" prices are actually lower than some retailers.

Thus, Rent A Wheel offers a retail value plus the added services of no credit checks, no debt obligations and absolutely no obligations to the customer beyond the current rental payment due. If the customer's needs or financial circumstances change, they can return the products with no further obligation, and no debt. Contrast that with installment credit sale, typically offered by wheel and tire retailers, which obligates the customer to pay the full amount regardless of the circumstances. This kind of service is an "added value" for our customers and the substantial difference between our business and the conventional wheel and tire retailer's business. At Rent A Wheel, the customer gets more than simply the product and we are committed to continuing strong growth with this new concept because it satisfies the customer's needs.

The Rent A Wheel Advantage

Your Rent A Wheel Franchise will be your business. Yours to operate and yours to build...but you will benefit greatly from your affiliation with a large national organization. In addition to the prestige and instant name recognition, you will enjoy unparalleled training and ongoing support. Today, with the benefit of over 18 years of experience, Rent A Wheel is still the leader and innovator in program development with our Inventory Management System and unique on-line marketing programs being perfect examples.

Rent A Wheel can also benefit existing independent wheel and tire rental dealers. Although these experienced rental owners are familiar with the complexities of the business, they may have been unable to grow or effectively compete due to inadequate purchasing power, deficient marketing techniques or marketing muscle, few training programs and insufficient capital to purchase inventory or take advantage of emerging profit centers.

By joining forces with Rent A Wheel, rental dealers are able to enjoy the advantages of our system and still maintain the independence they desire.

Once you have made your decision to join the Rent A Wheel franchise family, you will be supported by the finest and most knowledgeable group of professionals in the custom wheel and tire rental industry. Not only have we developed the most effective methods of operation, but we stand behind them as well.

The advantages of the Rent A Wheel system include: in-depth site selection assistance, personnel selection assistance, comprehensive training for you and your staff, computer hardware and software systems, marketing and advertising support, inventory support and financing, volume purchasing, network communications and on-going support to ensure your success as a Rent A Wheel franchisee.

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