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Fuel Wheels: What We Love About This Off-Road Legend

Fuel Wheels: What We Love About This Off-Road Legend

There’s nothing wrong with zipping a sedan around town or taking your SUV down the highway with the sunroof down. But the true adrenaline junkie knows that you’ll need something with a little extra kick to really get the blood pumping.

Taking a Jeep or pick-up through the desert, snow, mud, or rocky terrain can make you feel filled with power, and supporting your vehicle with the best off-road rims is the way to go. And there’s really no wheel manufacturer that understands off-road terrain like Fuel.

Fuel Wheels is a frontrunner in tough and rough tires that just look dope. If you’re in the market for a fresh set of tires, these guys might be a pretty solid option.


So What are Fuel Wheels All About?

Fuel’s got a pretty short history despite being such a huge name in off-road tires. They were established in 2009 by MHT Luxury Alloys, who provides the metals for all sorts of manufacturers including Rotiform, Dub, Niche, and more. 

MHT branching out into the off-road world was actually a bit of risk for them, as every one of their other brands were focused on luxury and sport. With that said, it worked in their favor, because Fuel continues to be one of the most respected off-road brands in the country.

MHT subjects every wheel to a detailed assessment via computer simulations to ensure that every design and every sized wheel meets their strict quality standards. 

While they’re definitely known for their applications on your trophy truck, they also make tons of different attachments for UTVs and other off-road specific vehicles. Plus, they’re continually innovating with the materials they use and the designs of their wheels, so there’s really something here for every off-road enthusiast, big or small.


What Makes Their Wheels So Great?

Fuel’s wheels are some of the best in the game. If you’re a bit of a pick-up connoisseur  yourself, you’re probably already familiar with everything that this brand has to offer. 

Built to Last

Off-road wheels need to be built with sturdier materials than a typical road vehicle, so it’s a good thing that Fuel excels in this department. One of the biggest stand-outs is their Forged line, which are machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy, coming in 20” and 30” diameters. 6061 alimunium has become the unspoken standard for off-road tires, but Fuel’s stand out as the largest lifted truck forgings on the market today.

These come in 1-piece options for the bargain hunters out there, but their 2-piece options for those who are really looking to kick things up a notch. All of these also come at a very fair price point compared to other brands, especially since the quality of their 2-piecers is similar to multi-piece units on the market.

Their dually line is really great too, as they make tailored bolt-on wheels that fit right onto your vehicle. So you won’t need to worry about spacers or adaptors. 

Unique Styles

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that Fuel has become so popular is because of the sheer number of different styles they offer. There are truly thousands of different options that you can choose from to help pimp out that pick-up.

And the customization options that come with their 2-piece wheels is pretty killer. You can customize the center and outer lip independently from the barrel, so you can have some freedom experimenting with different colors and styles as you see fit.

Look at these Hardline rims in candy red, for example. This is a sick looking wheel that will never go unnoticed if you drove this down main street. And you can pretty much say the same thing about every other wheel that they have to offer -- they’re just that good-looking.

But one of the reasons why Fuel may have gained popularity so quickly from the start is because of their Deep Lip wheels. These are those tires that sort of jut out from underneath the car. It makes any lifted truck or SUV look a lot cooler than it once did. The deep lip wheels were pretty unique at the time, and they continue to add new styles into this category for never-ending aesthetic opportunities.

They even make wheels specifically designed for off-road utility vehicles. From their classic 1-piecers to fully customizable forged options, they really leave no stone left unturned. It’s further proof as to why Fuel is such a respected name in all-things off-road.

Fresh Rims Every Year

One of the best things about Fuel is that they are constantly innovating and updating their wheel styles. In fact, Fuel puts out at least five new variations every single year. And in 2021, their catalogue has become even more expansive with over ten new styles to choose from.

Despite only being out for a little over ten years, the variety here is pretty unmatched. These Blitz wheels are new for this year, and they’ve got that super rugged feel. But it’d be pretty tough to find something here that didn’t match your own personal preference.

Pretty Prices

Typically huge, beastly off-road tires are pretty expensive. It makes sense, considering the amount and quality of materials needs to be perfect in order to withstand the toughest terrain. However, Fuel’s prices are very fair compared to most of the competition.

Especially when considering the quality of each wheel and rim that you purchase, being able to get a set of four for under a grand is respectable and hard to find nowadays. With that in mind, it can still be hard to justify spending that much money on a new set of tires.

You’ve got enough student debt to pay off, so let’s not make your bank account feel even worse. You can use a rent-to-own tire service like Rent A Wheel to save money, time, and energy when it comes to getting yourself some cool Fuel wheels. Sure, you can pay up front in cash, but you can also choose from a flexible payment plan that won’t put such a drastic dent in your wallet.


What Makes Their Tires So Great?

Fuel knows that they’ve got such a stronghold over the off-road industry that they didn’t just stop at wheels and rims. Now, they have their very own Gripper tire that you can toss onto any of your existing rims.

Their main attraction here is the Gripper X/T, which has a really intricate, deep, and unique tread design meant to get you through the thickest types of terrain. It features some super aggressive lugs with an equally intense sidewall design, so it’s definitely one of those tires that can lift you out of a sticky situation when needed.

Those X/T tires might be out of the price point for you, but their A/T and M/T designs are just as great. While they don’t have the same aggressive treads as the X/T, they’re a surprisingly quiet ride when driving on the asphalt that stands between you and your next adventure.

All of them feature small sipes to help reduce heat generation while in use, and their deep treads can really help decrease wear and tear as you drive. Their tires are built to last just as long as their wheels. So combining the two might be a match made in heaven.


Why Fuel is Cool

We love all tires equally, but we’ve definitely got a bit of a soft-spot for big beauties like Fuel’s off-road lineup. When a company as new as Fuel is able to make such big waves in the automotive industry in just a few years time, you know they’ve got to be good.

The main attractions here are their Forged tires made of high quality aluminum. And with 1 to 2 piece options, the price ranges and customization options are endless. But considering there are thousands of choices to pick from, since they’re continually updating their catalogue yearly, you may just find the perfect fit without needing to add your own personal touch.

They’ve also started rolling out their own line of tires which are meant to work as perfect accompaniments to your off-road truck or Jeep. Classic, deep treads prove that they put just as much thought into the quality of their rubber as they do with their metal.

When you’re ready to take your adventure vehicle to the next level, Fuel’s got your back. If we see you driving down the road with these bad boys under your truck, we’ll be sure to get out of your way.