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Why Choose Rent-to-Own

So, you’re considering a new set of rims and tires to keep you planted on the road.

While style and performance are a must, hefty price tags from most companies can keep you from buying the wheels and tires you really want.

RAW Wheels + Tires was created in 1996 by two ex-Marines who wanted to make custom wheels and performance tires affordable for everyone. We offer a huge inventory of rims and tires with low prices and flexible payment options that help you get what you need when you need it.

Do you want to pay cash? No problem. Buy today and take advantage of our super low cash prices—the lowest in the industry. Cash or credit card is accepted.

There’s no need to save for a big purchase and no need to use costly credit. Instead, check out our Lease-To-Own option!

You don’t need credit for approval; you just need income to support the payments.

$20 gets you started. That’s it!

You set the payment that works for you. We offer payment plans up to 82 weeks with flexible terms—weekly, bi-weekly, tied to your paycheck, or monthly.

You have 9 months (41 weeks) to pay the Early Purchase Option or get up to 50% off the remaining balance after 9 months (41 weeks), depending on your state.

If you don’t like the product or can no longer afford the payments, don’t worry! With this special Rent-To-Own lease, you can return the product and stop payments at any time with no penalty. Now that’s flexibility!

Oh! One last important point: If you choose the RAW Wheels + Tires in-store Rent-to-Own option, RAW Wheels + Tires gives you FREE lug nuts, FREE valve stems, FREE wheel locks, FREE mounting and balancing, FREE installation, and FREE rotation and flat tire repair for the life of the product.

No one beats RAW Wheels + Tires!

So, the question is: why wouldn’t you choose Rent-To-Own?

We’ve all got our own style, and our wheels should, too. With our massive selection of rims and tires, there’s something for everyone.

For a similar stock fitment, search your vehicle by year, make, and model to find a range of wheels you can bolt right to your car.

For custom fitments and styles, you can search for your lug pattern with custom sizing, backspacing, width, and offset paired with the coolest tires for your ride.

Unsure how a new wheel would look on your whip?

Check out how a wheel and tire combo will look on your car, truck, or SUV using our Wheel Visualizer. Find your vehicle’s year, make, model, and color, and try out a wide range of rims so you can say “yes” to the best wheels for you.

With great-looking rims, you’ll need the right tire.

The right tire keeps you planted on the road, regardless of the conditions. From cars that will only see warm, dry summer days to offroad toys meant for snow, gravel, and trails, the right tire will keep you driving forward.

With the low prices and high-end options found at RAW Wheels + Tires, you can purchase your rims and tires together. Go home satisfied with a product that fits your car and your lifestyle.

It’s time to get the wheels and tires you need, at a price you can’t refuse.

Free, Free, Free

When you order wheels and tires from RAW Wheels + Tires, you can expect FREE delivery on all purchases, FREE mounting and FREE balancing on all wheel and tire packages, and FREE installation at any of our 130+ Rent A Wheel stores to get you on the road and ready to roll.

When you have your wheels and tires mounted by RAW Wheels + Tires, you’re guaranteed quality work by professionals.

With such a great price, you can’t go wrong.

Why pay upfront when you can pay for your new rims over time? Receive what you order now, and pay later.

Standard financing creates issues with added interest and that trapped feeling of being required to pay even if you don’t like the product. Lease-to-Own isn’t financing, so you pay no interest and get incredible flexibility.

Are you worried about credit checks? It doesn’t matter if you have great credit, bad credit, or no credit at all—RAW Wheels + Tires will not run a traditional credit check. This means you can make payments on your new wheels and tires without those pesky credit hits.

Life happens, and the last thing you need when life hits back is the feeling of being trapped in a payment. If you’re ever unable to make the payment on RAW Wheels + Tires’ Lease-to-Own program, simply return your purchases to RAW Wheels + Tires, and your payments will stop.

With customizable payment plans and a wide range of products that fit your taste and style, fast delivery and free installation mean you can get your wheels and tires on your ride and the road without breaking the bank.

Join our satisfied family of RAW Wheels + Tires customers who have discovered the RAW Wheels + Tires difference.

How it works

First, find your perfect wheels & tires.

Our expert recommendations will help you find what fits your budget, lifestyle, and vehicle.

RAW Wheels + Tires by Rent A Wheel

Then, pay with cash or choose from one of our flexible payment plans.

No credit check required.

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