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Wheel and Rim Visualizer For Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Off-Road Vehicles

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We carry wheels & tires for your car, truck, SUV, and off-road vehicles.
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Do you want to know what your new wheels will look like before you buy them?

The RAW Wheels + Tires Visualizer helps you find your perfect match without any guesswork. Style matters, and you won’t find your dream wheels without taking them for a visual test ride.

From sports cars to trucks, SUVs, and offroad toys, trying out a wide range of wheels can ensure that you find a product you love at a price you can afford.

Our Wheel Visualizer is the best way to try out different rim sizes, designs, colors, and styles. Virtually trick out your ride, so you know exactly what you’re getting IRL.

Find Your Fit

When you access your vehicle in the Visualizer, you’ll find a range of wheels designed to fit your year, make, and model, taking into account wheel diameter, offset width, and lug pattern.

Buying wheels designed to fit your vehicle means you’re getting rims that can be used as-is, no modification required.

Even if you have a custom ride, the RAW Wheels + Tires Visualizer has rims and tires made for your whip.

How It Works

After choosing your vehicle’s year, make, model, trim package, and color, you’ll see a vehicle that looks exactly like your own. With our up-to-date databases, even the newest cars are available in the Rent A Wheel Visualizer.

If your exact vehicle isn’t available, you can choose a similar car to test out styles from our inventory of over one million wheel and tire package options.

Scroll through our database of top brands and styles, and click on whatever speaks to you for an instant preview of how they’ll look on your ride.

It’s completely free to try as many styles as you want. Have some fun with it, and try new styles and designs outside of your comfort zone. You never know when you’re going to find a new favorite wheel.

When you find the perfect rims, it’s time to choose tires. Different sidewall heights and wheel styles can drastically change the appearance of your vehicle.

Once you’ve previewed the wheel and tire combo of your dreams, it’s time to check out.

With Rent A Wheel, you know that you’re getting the lowest prices on the market alongside free shipping, free mounting, free balancing, and free installation by Rent A Wheel’s 5-Star certified shops.