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Referral Program

At Rent-A-Wheel, we’re focused on getting our clients the best deals for the best tires and wheels on the market. The best part about having a wicked new set of wheels is the curious bystanders asking you about them. We’re all too familiar with this phenomenon–friends, family, even strangers asking about that new set of rims we’re riding on.

If this is something that you experience, we want to offer you the opportunity to share that with Rent-A-Wheel and get something out of it for yourself. We appreciate our customers talking about and sharing our business, so we developed the Rent A Wheel Referral Program.

Anytime you refer a friend, neighbor, or stranger to Rent A Wheel, all you have to do is call up one of our stores with their full name and phone number, and we’ll take care of the rest. They get the quick and complete care that Rent A Wheel offers to every one of our customers, and you get $50 off your rim and/or tire rent-to-own agreement.

And guess what? There’s no limit to how many people you can refer to us. They just have to open a new rent-to-own agreement with us for a new set of wheels or tires. But as long as that’s the case, you can refer as many people as you can. We’re not putting a cap on the referral program because we want you to show you how much you mean to us by getting the best rewards you can, so you can tell everyone you know about Rent A Wheel and save big on your own wheels and tires. 

You just have to be an active customer in good standing, meaning that all of your payments are squared up, and you’ve got your wicked set of deep dish rims or performance tires taken care of. 

We take care of our customers at Rent A Wheel–it’s why we offer FREE installation, high-quality customer service, and the best wheels on the road for the best prices. And if you enjoy our business as much as we enjoy yours, we want to reward your loyalty as much as we can. Everything we have is top of the line, with options for a wide range of wallets because we believe that having a sweet set of wheels and tires should be something that anyone can afford.