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Why Choose RAW

A leader in the industry


Your Wheels, Your Way

Founded in 1996, Rent A Wheel/Rent-A-Tire started with one store in California. Since then, it has become the largest rent-to-own custom wheel and tire retailer in the nation with over 136 locations across 15 states. And we're in the Top 10 for tire retailers!

Rent A Wheel/Rent-A-Tire was founded on the principle of providing the highest quality product and service at the lowest price. We offer payment choices like Early Purchase Option and our flexible Rent-To-Own option that lets you pick your payment. We work hard to give you choices that get you want you want at a price you can afford. Your wheels, your way!



Selling affordable wheels, tires, accessories & services

We make the tires, wheels, accessories and services you want affordable with great cash prices and flexible payment plans with low weekly payments.



We’re here to help

Whether online or at one of our 136 convenient store locations, our trusted experts are available to answer your questions and help you make a confident purchase of your next wheels & tires. Get in touch to get started.

We maintain a huge selection of in-stock tires and wheels in-store as well as online. For our Rent-To-Own customers, we also offer free installation, free mounting & balancing, and free rotation and balancing for the life of your tires.

Find a local store FAQ

With so many marketplaces to buy wheels, tires, and accessories, why RAW?

Rent-A-Wheel was founded over two decades ago by two ex-Marines. Our purpose is to make custom wheels and performance tires available (and affordable) for all. We have a huge inventory of more than 1,000,000 wheel and tire packages online, all in top brands and popular styles.

We take pride in putting our customers first–not only during the sale but for the life of their wheels and tires.

Easy to Purchase

No one wants to struggle with making a purchase.

RAW takes pride in our highly organized, easy-to-use shopping and checkout process.

All options can be organized and filtered by vehicle if you shop online, helping you find a direct fitment match for your ride without confusion.

With our Rent-A-Wheel visualizer, you can even pull up a model of your vehicle’s exact year, make, and model to virtually try out different styles of rims and tires. This way, you know exactly what your new ride will look like before you make a purchase.

As a multi-channel retailer, we make it even easier by offering 130-plus brick-and-mortar retail locations across 15 states, plus e-commerce retail with free shipping anywhere in the continental US. Rent-A-Wheel is the largest retailer of custom wheels in the United States and one of the country’s top 10 largest independently-owned tire dealers.

If you are online or in-store, we make it easy.

Wide Selection

With an extensive list of wheels, tires, and accessories that continue to grow every day, RAW is sure to have the size and style to fit your ride.

We have the largest in-stock inventory on the market with our over 1,000,000 rim and tire package options online, and we only provide the best brands and styles for our 1,000,000 satisfied customers (and counting!).

Choose from the top manufacturers within the industry in RAWs one-stop-shop for your ride.

Take your vehicle one step further with a comprehensive line of accessories for your whip, from lug nuts to leveling kits.

The Lowest Pricing

Rent-A-Wheel takes pride in offering customers awesome prices on the best products on the market. It doesn’t matter if you buy online or in-store–our pricing cannot be beaten.

We’ve lowered our cash prices on wheels to compete with the best online prices, putting our prices way lower than our competitors. We have that same low cash pricing online and in-store, with no deposit required. Plus, we have an incredible payment program. See below.

$20 Gets You Started

Starting at $20, you can get your new wheels and tires today–no deposit required.

RAW is not a finance company. Unlike traditional financing, RAW is a retailer like any other. However, unlike typical retailers, we have two great payment options. Here’s a breakdown of each:

  • Buy Now: Our cash prices on wheels are the best in the country. Feel free to pay cash at any time and enjoy the low prices right away.
  • Pay Later: Take advantage of our incredibly flexible payment option. This form of lease is not like other leases. It is much more flexible because it gives you the option to pay low weekly payments, tie payments to paychecks, or pay monthly–it’s your call. Our Lease-To-Own offers a 90- to 120-day early purchase option and up to 50% off the remaining balance after 90 to 120 days. It also offers the ability to turn the product in at any time and stop payments if you do not want the product. Now that’s amazing flexibility! Slight changes in the Lease-To-Own program depend on the state.

Here’s more: Our programs require NO CREDIT. Your credit score does not matter to us. We do not pull typical credit scores. So, we say YES to many more people. We see our job as helping people achieve ownership of custom wheels.

Free Shipping

RAW offers the same low cash prices online and in-store, with free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.


At RAW, you can purchase or lease your own tires. The Lease-To-Own model provides a very flexible way to make payments toward ownership. When it comes to payment, flexibility is important, and we recognize that. Therefore, if you decide you want to own your tires after leasing them, you can easily!

Through our program, you can either buy or Rent-To-Own one tire or a thousand. Our inventory includes a wide variety of tires for passenger, performance, truck, and off-road vehicles, all available for ownership after lease through our Lease-to-Own (Rent-To-Own) program.

How it works

First, find your perfect wheels & tires.

Our expert recommendations will help you find what fits your budget, lifestyle, and vehicle.

Then, pay with cash or choose from one of our flexible payment plans.

No credit check required.