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Parts & Accessories
Car care products, parts, and accessories for your vehicle.
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Car & Truck Parts & Accessories

It’s time to take your car to the next level and accessorize.

From the parts you need to the parts you want, RAW Wheels + Tires provides a long list of the best accessories on the market.

Accessories add to your vehicle's look and function, taking your build to a new level. From sports cars to lifted trucks, accessories and aftermarket parts have allowed owners to customize their rides to match their style.

Lug Nuts

Not all lug nuts are the same. Most custom or aftermarket wheels require new lug nuts because stock lugs won’t fit. This can be confusing, but don’t worry! At RAW Wheels + Tires, we ensure you get the right lug nut for your vehicle and your wheels.

Take your vehicle to the next level by adding some aftermarket color lug nuts. You can add extra detail to your wheels by adding colored lug nuts, spline lug nuts, or even spike lug nuts. Lug nuts come in various colors, including blue, red, and gold.

Guess what—you can buy your lug nuts at the same time you purchase your new wheels!

If your wheel lug seat and lug nut seat don’t match your wheel seat type, you could damage your wheel or risk having the lug nut loosen while you’re driving.

This could cause the wheel to become unsecured, but you don’t have to figure this out alone. At Rent A Wheel, we offer the best lug nuts for your vehicle at checkout. Purchasing lug nuts can be confusing, but Rent A Wheel has you covered.

Now that you have your wheels and tires, it's time to put them on! With every purchase from Rent A Wheel, we provide detailed installation instructions. Make sure to read and follow our step-by-step instructions! It has important information about how to tighten your lug nuts and how to torque them properly.

Lug nuts are important for your safety, but they’re also an opportunity to customize your ride’s look. Lug nuts come in various colors, so you can play around with which lug nuts match your style.

Shackle Points

D-Rings or shackle points are essential tow points for offroading and work vehicles, which connect to the original tow ball receiver. We offer the Body Armor brand at Rent A Wheel, which provides top-notch quality at a great price.

These rings create a great location to connect ropes, chains, straps, and shackles as the vehicle is being pulled or doing the pulling.

D-Rings have become a great aesthetic piece for trucks and SUVs, adding to the rugged off-road styling of many builds.

Strut Spacers

Think your tire may rub your fender? Need a little extra room to help your tire clear your fender? RAW Wheels + Tires has been selling and installing custom wheels for over 25 years! We know how to add that inch or two of space to make it work. For vehicles with a strut or coil-over suspension, lifts and leveling your vehicle’s ride height can be simple with strut spacers.

These spacers add distance between the strut tower and the top of the shock itself to lift the vehicle. They’re an easy alternative to pricey full suspension kits, and they’re especially helpful if you want to make sure you like having more height before making a long-term commitment.

A tall ride can be stylish, for sure. Plus, adding a spacer has plenty of practical benefits, like compensation for uneven load distribution, sagging, or spring settling.

Spacers can be made of rubber, metal, or polyurethane. However, rubber spacers are becoming less common because they fail due to overloading, pinching, or exposure to road contaminants. Metal will give your ride a rugged look, but polyurethane is the favorite of the three due to its simple, subtle style and high efficacy.

Strut spacers are explicitly sold for individual vehicles to ensure proper shape and safe use. Enthusiasts of all levels should embrace this quick and simple aftermarket accessory.

Leveling Kits

It’s not all in your head—the front of your truck or SUV is probably lower than the rear of your ride. This is called rake, and it was created so you could put heavy loads in the back of your truck while keeping plenty of space between your rear axle and your frame. This gives your ride less sag and prevents potential damage to your suspension, but it’s not actually necessary.

You can keep the benefits of a rake while lifting the front of your vehicle using a leveling kit. Unlike a lift kit, It only lifts the front of your ride, so your vehicle will be level from front to back. This lets you fit larger tires, increases your ground clearance, and keeps your payload exactly the same.

A leveling kit can also help your ride look more imposing and rugged on the road. Check out our accessories section and add it to your cart. We will ship it for free with your wheel and tire purchase!

Skid Plates

When offroading is your passion, the risk of brush, rocks, sticks, and more hitting the bottom of your rig is the primary concern.

With aftermarket skid plates, you can add the armor needed to ensure your vehicle’s safety. Skid plates help push the vehicle past otherwise sharp or dangerous obstacles, reducing the risk of damage. Check out our accessories section, and add a skid plate to your cart today! We will ship it for free with your wheel and tire purchase.

Cargo Racks

When traveling with extra gear, your belongings need to be strapped down tight. Finding the usable places on your vehicle to strap can be dangerous and cause damage.

By adding a cargo rack to your vehicle, you add a solid platform with appropriate contact points to tighten everything down and keep your items secure.

Roof racks allow you to store cargo on top of your vehicle. Roof and cargo racks have become an essential tool for travel, keeping your vehicle's interior space more open and usable.

Side Steps

Are you having a hard time getting in your truck? Have you started carrying a step ladder around? For lifted vehicles, side steps provide that extra posted height to get you in and out safely.

Side steps also look great on your offroad build.

Many side steps act as rocker guards or add a protective cage to your vehicle rockers. This could protect your truck from added damage when off-roading and hitting the trails.