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Azara Wheels Available at RAW Wheels + Tires

In a world of sameness, where minimalism often rules design, Azara Wheels sets themselves apart with unapologetic maximalism. If you’re interested in giving your vehicle a truly one of a kind identity, look no further than our three pages of Azara Wheel products.


Who Should Consider Azara Wheels?


One of the only rim companies that creates designs in larger sizes, it’s normal to shop 28-inch and 30-inch, even 32-inch Azara wheels, whereas most wheel manufacturers play in the 18 inch to 22 inch range. The spiral of Azara Wheels also identifies them as one of, if not the most, unique custom wheel designers in the world. When this signature spiral meets the ornate Machining typical of Azara’s products, they not only become totally unique, but just plain fun. For example, the AZA 506 uses reverse inner and outward spirals to create the illusion of a reverse roll while in motion, while AZA 501, one of Azara’s most popular designs, uses a multitude of spokes and ornate detail work, to create a vortex of turbine blades. For other incredible and rarely seen wheel patterns, scroll through the rest of our Azara products and discover how to make your vehicle truly stand out from the aftermarket wheel crowd.