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Beyern Wheels

Beyern believes that if it's going to do anything, it's going to do it perfectly—and the best way to do something perfectly is to focus on one goal. Bayern’s is to create the perfect aftermarket wheels specifically for BMWs.

Their rims only fit BMWs, but they fit like a dream come true. As a company, Bayern is uncompromising and hones in on every small detail of its wheels to ensure that what it’s creating is exactly what it—and you—wants. 

Through its tagline, “We make the aftermarket BMW wheels that make you want to take off your original BMW wheels,” Beyern tells you everything you need to know. BMW offers its supporters the full package, including high-quality rims. Beyern outdoes it by cutting no corners and testing every quantifiable element of its wheels.

Who Should Consider Beyern Wheels?

While we would like to recommend Beyern wheels to any driver looking for high-quality aftermarket rims, these wheels are specifically designed and built for BMW owners. Perfectly sized, shaped, and weighted for this specific vehicle brand, Bayern rims cater to a specific audience. 

That being said, we strongly recommend all BMW owners to look towards Beyern for their next set of wheels. Beyern has options for every BMW size and model, expertly designed with your particular vehicle in mind. It’s not often that you get a set of fire rims custom-created for your ride, but Beyern has truly created the glass slipper for BMW drivers. 

Beyern Wheels Available at RAW Wheels + Tires

RAW Wheels + Tires has a wide variety of Beyern wheels that will suit any BMW driver's style. The Spartan design comes in hyper silver or chrome and has a complex, yet regal spoke design with a flush positive offset, ideal for any of the X series models. If you purchase and install a set of Beyern Spartan rims for your BMW at one of RAW Wheels + Tires shops, we’ll install and balance your new rims free of charge. If you aren’t close enough to take advantage of our professional tire technicians, we’ll ship your new rims fast and free to any of the lower 48 states. 

We also carry rims with a more pulled-back aesthetic, like the Rapp design. WIth five thicker spokes, the Rapp leaves plenty of room to show off a clean brake system underneath. Coming in gloss black or chrome in sizes ranging from 17 to 19 inches, these are an excellent fit for any BMW coupe. 

Looking for something with a bit more attitude? Beyern’s Multi design has many spokes shooting out of the hub center with a killer look whether your BMW is moving or parked. The chrome exterior shines brightly even when it’s dark, a fire match for any car and driver with something to say. 

Using RAW Wheels + Tires’ incredibly low cash prices and flexible Lease-to-Own payment program, you don’t have to limit yourself to rims that you can afford today. We believe that quality wheels should be accessible by anyone who has the drive and passion for seeking them out. 

Beyern wheels are a high-quality addition to any BMW, with legit designs and high-quality builds. Through the ability to pay a monthly fee for them instead of dropping all that cash at once, it’s never been easier to upgrade your BMW.