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6 Things We Love About Moto Metal Wheels

6 Things We Love About Moto Metal Wheels

At Rent A Wheel, we carry many different brands, all of which we strongly believe in (or else we wouldn’t carry them.) But one company stands out from the rest of the pack--Moto Metal. 

Established in 2002 by Denver, Colorado locals Wheels Pro, the goal was simple: To create a line of wheels that look amazing, can do whatever you ask of them, and don’t break the bank. 

But these wheels aren’t just for anyone looking to replace their tires.

In their own words, Moto Metal wheels are “not for the mainstream [but]  for the wild.” And we love that. These wheels rip and roar with style, from the classic chrome to the glossy black with some colors thrown in now and then. They have aggressive spokes for the driver that doesn’t just go for the first option. These wheels are for someone looking to say something. 

Whether you’re a rugged off-roader or looking for wheels that will drop jaws anywhere you go, here’s a list of all the things we love about Moto Metal wheels and why they might just be the right fit for you. 

How These Wheels Look

We don’t need to tell you that Moto Metal wheels look amazing. But if we’re making a list, the way that any Moto Metal design blows away the competition just by sitting there and looking so good has to be at the top. 

If you’re someone who’s looking for wheels that will make someone stop and say in their best Keanu Reeves voice, “Woah,” then Moto Metal has exactly what you’re looking for. 

In their mission statement, Moto Metal says that they are “created for the loud. Moto Metal wheels are the ultimate symbol of a culture of unapologetic individuals.”

Moto Metal doesn’t just create unbelievable designs that look killer. They create designs that stand out and shout about it. Moto Metal isn’t about pleasing flashy, clout-seeking suckers. Nor is it interested in playing safe. 

Moto Metal creates wheels for the drivers who want something that looks and acts the way they feel: Different and proud of it. 

Style Options

Do you like the glossy black look? Maybe the classic chrome tire is your more style. Moto Metal has a wide range of designs that cover just about every look you could imagine. Sometimes we like to scroll through our own website and just admire everything of theirs we have available. 

Want negative offset, deep-dish-looking rims to cruise on? Check out the M0962’s for a reasonable $67 a month. Or prefer the tucked-in positive offset look? We got that too--take a peek at the satin black milled M0995’s for only $96 a month. Maybe you need some zero offset wheels to fit your car. We aren’t judging--we have those too. 

Moto Metal has so many different designs that you might start to wonder if you’re still looking at one brand. Let us confirm for you--you are indeed looking at one brand. This brand takes design seriously and to the next level because they know that one size doesn’t fit all. 

Driving Creativity

Moto Metal not only creates the wildest designs but also lead the industry in trendsetting. When the M0962 came out, it was everywhere. And not just the Moto Metal design--others began to imitate. (Do these Ion 141’s look familiar? They sure do to us.) And they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. But we just think all those other brands were just trying to keep up with innovation. 

Moto Metal has a knack for taking the classic look everyone adores and spinning it onto its head to become something familiar but awe-inspiring. 

But they aren’t just interested in remaking the past. Moto Metal is all about driving the future. The mainstream doesn’t interest them, but that’s what draws people in. We all love someone who seems to represent defiance against the mainstream so much they become mainstream. 

Durability, No Matter Where You Go

Maybe at this point, you’re thinking, “Hey, Rent A Wheel, these rims sound great. I love that they look really cool, but I’m looking for something that can handle some action. I need wheels that can roll around in the mud without missing a beat.” 

Well, we’ve got good news for you. Moto Metal was originally inspired by dirt racing and motocross (see the inspiration?), so they’re built tough and built to last, no matter what you put them through.

They’re also designed with performance in mind, keeping the weight down while not compromising any quality. So whether you’re off-roading or showing off, Moto Metal has your back.

So whether you’re cruising through the city, getting reactions left and right from pedestrian onlookers, or taking your machine up the mountain, Moto Metal tires are going to be right there with you no matter what the ride. 

Not to mention, Moto Metal includes a lifetime structural warranty on their wheels, so if you do happen to go a little too out of control on those trails, the company has you coved.

But How Much Are These Going to Cost?

Okay, so now you’re probably thinking, “Wow, Rent A Wheel. These Moto Metal wheels sound kick ass. Top-tier quality, rugged yet lightweight. And they look like something that came off of a superhero’s super-car? They sound perfect, but I can only imagine how expensive they must be.” 

We hope you’re ready because we have even more good news for you. Parent company Pro Wheels not only created Moto Metal to be a brand that stands out from the crowd.

They wanted to create a wheel that ticks every box you didn’t know you had, all while not putting the pressure on your wallet. These wheels are their mid-tier price range--sure, they have more expensive options if you’re someone that gets excited telling people how much they spent. But Moto Metal knows that you’re someone looking to show off the actual wheel while knowing that you got them at a crazy good price. 

But wait, there’s more! Not only are Moto Metal wheels already reasonably priced, but when you shop at RentAWheel.com you can take advantage of our flexible payment plans and pay a low monthly fee instead of dropping the cash all at once. 

So you can rest easy knowing that these dream wheels are definitely within your reach. Our online store range goes from $44 a month for the clean classic M0970’s, and our most expensive option is the glossy black M0800 Deep Six set for $138 a month. That isn’t per rim, mind you--that’s the whole set. 

Highly Rated, and Not Just By Us

We’ve done the digging. Read every review you can find. And no one has anything bad to say about Moto Metal wheels. Except maybe that now that they have a set, they can never go back to boring, normal rims. They’re reliable, they look amazing, they come at an affordable price. 

These are drivers pushing through the snow: Drivers that take pride in their entire vehicle, not just the rims. Drivers that know quality and aren’t afraid to be blunt if something isn’t it. And these drivers are leaving four to five-star ratings across the board.

Moto Metal wheels cover all the bases you could possibly think of, and they do it well, from performance to appearance to pricing. 

Where Do I Get a Set?

We’re glad you asked. At RentAWheel.com we have dozens of Moto Metal options, all available on our flexible payment plan to make sure that you’re able to get the best rims you can at a manageable monthly price. 

Not only that, but when you shop through Rent A Wheel, if you bring your ride into our shop, we’ll install and balance your new Moto Metal rims for free. That’s not too shabby, now is it?

We didn’t just write all of this just because we want to sell more rims, by the way. We genuinely love Moto Metal here at Rent A Wheel, and we want to share with the world just how stunning and amazing they are. We believe in Moto Metal, and we believe that you should too. 



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