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Are Amp Tires Any Good? We Break It Down

Are Amp Tires Any Good?  We Break It Down

Nothing screams “power” quite like a big ol’ pick-up truck. Your beast is probably something you’re very proud of, and we don’t blame you.

With that said, the wrong tires can completely make or break your vehicle's usability. What good is a truck if it can’t drive through snow, dirt, swamps, mud puddles, or sand? The commercials make them look so cool, so it has to live up to the hype.

You’ll need some tires that excel in off-road functionality, and that’s where Amp Tires are going to swoop in and save the day. These monstrous tires are fit for monstrous trucks, but are they really as good as everyone says they are? Let’s take a look at how these tires might perform when attached to your most prized possession.

What Are Amp Tires All About?

Amp tires are designed with off-road driving in mind. These tires are meant to travel over any terrain in any kind of weather.

These tires are HUGE, and we mean it. When you think of truck tires, these bad boys are probably what would come to mind. They’ve got super durable treads and stellar off-road performance, making them perfect for getting down and dirty.

Amp Tires have three different options to choose from, and we’re going to take a look at each one in-depth. They are:

  • Terrain Attack A/T

  • Terrain Pro A/T

  • Mud Terrain Attack M/T

Terrain Attack A/T

This is your standard, all-around tire that’s just as smooth off-road as it is on-road. This makes the Terrain Attack A/T the superior adventure tire. It comes in sizes ranging from 17 to 22 inches, so you’ve got some flexibility when it comes to making your truck’s dreams come true.


As the name implies, these things really do attack the terrain. The performance tread design features a multi-block pattern, which is usually typical of mud-terrain tires. This means it has some really stable control over a wide variety of environments and terrain.

It also features a twin lug sidewall that’s designed with dual variation lug technology for amazing traction in all weather conditions. The tread depth is also really deep, so it’ll be sturdy and defensive against dirt, snow, slush, and all that kind of stuff.

They’re also fully winter tested, so it’s perfect for the snowy seasons. And we definitely recommend that you throw on some snow tires during the winter months. Not to mention, these are the most affordable tires of the three.


Don’t get us wrong--the Terrain Attack A/T is a really great all-around tire. But since it does a little bit of everything, it doesn’t really excel in one specific category.

While it performs well off-road, it might have difficulty traversing tricky rocky and sandy terrain because its staggered tread is not as dynamic as its specifically off-road options. Similarly, the overall comfort of the ride is diminished when using these wheels on-road because the depth of the treads can make for a bumpy ride.

The Bottom Line

If you’re someone who drives your truck to work every day but likes going camping every now and then, these are the tires for you. They’ll work well in almost any given environmental situation, especially snow or ice.

It’s the most “average” tire that Amp offers, so it’s a good choice if you get a lot of versatility out of your truck. It’s also great if you’re just super indecisive because you’ll kind of get the best of both worlds.

Terrain Pro A/T

Similar to your Terrain Attack tires, these bad boys will work well both off-road and on. However, these have a bit more of a focus on on-road functionality.


The tread design on these things is what lets them stand out. The stepped tread blocks allow for more stable control of your vehicle overall. And it’s got multi-directional sipes that greatly improve traction in snowy weather.

It’s also got deep grooves and rock ejectors that help mitigate the possibility of punctures in harsher environments. Not to mention, the grooves are super compact, so it will help keep them free of dirt, mud, and gravel.

Plus, the treads are made with advanced compounds that deliver a super smooth ride on-road as well. And with plenty of diameters to choose from, so you can get whatever size is necessary for your pick-up.

These are also fully winter tested, so feel free to throw them on once Jack Frost starts nipping at your cooling hose.


This tire performs well in both on-road and off-road capacities, but it may fall just a little short in the off-road sector compared to its other options. This is due to the twin peaks design of the sidewall, which may be pretty lackluster when it comes to digging you out of water or muddy situations.

The Bottom Line

If you want a set of wheels that makes it look like you mean business, these are the ones for you. They’re huge and respectable, but they’ll drive super smoothly on the highway. While it still won’t disappoint off-road, you’ll want to go with something like the mud-terrain tires if you’re anticipating driving through really harsh environments.

Mud Terrain Attack M/T

These are tires that were built specifically for the off-road types. If they’re outfitted with these, you don’t want to be in a truck’s path because they’ll flatten you like a pancake. These are meant to work in the most extreme conditions.


What makes these tires really stand out are their reinforced sidewalls with the “A” logo lug design that provides a biting edge that will help you gain traction in the most precarious terrains. With these tires equipped, you won’t need to worry about getting caught in deep water or stuck in mud anytime soon.

Their new tread pattern is also asymmetric so that it can be on any side of your car. It’s also aggressively deep. Just take one look at this tire, and you can tell it was made with the most intense off-road scenarios in mind. 


You probably guessed the main con already based on the other tires. Since these guys are meant to be used off-road, you might notice some lackluster performance when you’re on the road. These are meaty tires, so you’ll feel that it’s difficult to control from the steering wheel. It’ll be pretty bumpy and tough to handle a ride on the highway or side roads, but it will be worth it once you start traversing treacherous terrain.

These are also the most expensive of the three tires. Off-road tires typically come with a heftier price tag, but it’s something to keep in mind when you decide to buy.

The Bottom Line

These are beautiful off-road tires that will definitely get the job done. They’re perfect for people who love driving across deserts, mountains, or through snowy areas. Deep treads and a great sidewall make these stand out.

While they won’t be great for someone who just uses their pick-up to run errands and make the occasional hiking trip, you wouldn’t get specifically off-road tires for any other reason besides driving, well, off the road. These won’t disappoint.

Amped Up?

Amp tires are some of the most popular off-road treads on the market, with three different options that are sure to suit the desires of both you and your truck.

The Terrain Attack A/T is the all-around pick. It works great off-road and just as well on on-road, plus it comes at a super affordable price. It’s meant to be a pretty middle-of-the-road pick, so don’t expect it to excel in one way or another.

The Terrain Pro A/T takes it up a notch by focusing a bit less on the off-road functionality and more on the overall comfort of the ride. The treads are designed with a smooth ride in mind, but its thin sidewalls might not perform too well in a sticky situation.

Finally, the Mud Terrain Attack M/T is the superior off-road option with deep, unique treads and “A” shaped sidewall. This is meant to be driven in locations that have never been traveled through before. Of course, it might feel a bit clunky in a neighborhood or on the highway.

Regardless, though, you really can’t go wrong with any of these picks. If you want a big tire that just screams power, these are the ones for you. Feel free to try them out today with Rent A Wheel’s affordable rent-to-own program to make sure that these wheels are the real deal.


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