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Blaque Diamond Wheels: Looks We Love

Blaque Diamond Wheels: Looks We Love

At Rent A Wheel, we know how to appreciate the finer things in life. Don’t get us wrong—we aren’t snooty. Sometimes when a luxurious, excellently designed wheel whips by, we just have to take a minute and watch it roll. Do you know what we mean? 

Blaque Diamond Wheels have that luxury design. They make wheels that you might see on the street and think to yourself, “Dang, look how fine those wheels are.” 

Wheels have to be pretty nice to get you to talk to yourself. 

We wanted to take some time to live the good life and cruise through our favorite looks from the Blaque Diamond team. 

Grab your best “treat yo self” outfit and a glass of champagne, and come with us as we explore these luxurious wheels. These wheels will have strangers stop, stare, and make a face like they’ve smelled something delicious.

(That smell is success, by the way.)

Who is Blaque Diamond?

Blaque Diamond is a wheel company founded in California back in 2009. They started with a simple mission statement that they still strongly hold onto: “Quality without compromise.”

They mean business. Blaque Diamond is internationally respected for having beautifully opulent designs and manufacturing ultra-lightweight wheels that can take a beating. 

Long story short, these wheels don’t just talk the talk—they walk the walk. Blaque Diamond makes sure that every wheel they distribute meets their rigorous testing requirements. 

They mean it when they claim quality without compromise, and these wheels aren’t just a pretty face. 

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite designs.

The Classic: The BD-11

The BD-11 wheel’s design isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, but we chose it as our starting point because something about it stands out. 

You may have seen rims with a casual spoke design before, but take a moment to appreciate the difference in Blaque Diamond’s details.

The spokes don’t stop at the lip of the wheel. They feel like they stretch past the limits and into your tires. Each one slips under the rubber to perfectly combine with your wheel system. 

All the spokes in this beautifully simple but noticeable design lead back into the Blaque Diamond logo. These wheels’ positive offset gives them a clean, chef's-kiss worthy look as they fit perfectly with the rest of your sweet ride. 

The BD-11s are a luxurious version of a familiar place—as if your favorite pair of shoes were suddenly bound in Italian leather and massaged your feet with every step. 

BD-11s are available in Antique Matte Bronze, the Gloss Black, the Gloss Silver, or custom painted. They are a perfect set of tires for someone who wants to casually tell the world, “You could say I like the finer things in life.”

The Step Up: The BD-27

You might be thinking, “The BD-11’s are nice, but I wanted something with more attitude.” Well, want no more—the BD-27s are a perfect step up from the BD-11s. 

More attitude? You’ve got it. Eight pairs of prongs reaching out from the center look like they mean business. If you saw these rims pull up next to you at a red light, you’d think that driver knows what they’re doing—and they’re doing something right. 

The BD-27s walk the line between success and security. They glisten with strength and confidence, and their design makes you feel like they can handle anything you throw at them.

Here’s the best part: these wheels actually can handle anything you throw at them.  

The Fancy Beasts: The BD-77

We know “The Fancy Beasts” sounds like a new Harry Potter spin-off movie, but stick with us. 

Just look at the BD-77s, and tell us these wheels don’t look like someone who owned a dragon would have them on their SUV. 

These wheels are gorgeous and wicked at the same time. The strong center pentagon and cut-out ovals around the perimeter scream at people walking by. 

The BD-77s aren’t for the casual, laid-back posh type. These rims are for someone who wants to tell the world, “Stand back—this ride is not for the faint of heart.”

These wheels aren’t by any means evil, but do you know the feeling when a movie villain is actually pretty cool? That’s the BD-77s. 

The Superhero Set: The BD-23

Taking a step back from BD-77's wild design, we present to you the BD-23s.

While the 77s are the perfect fit for a super suave villain’s vehicle, the BD-23s are exactly what we would imagine on the coolest of cool superhero cars. 

It’s not hard to picture Jason Momoa pulling up in a car with these tires. 

The 23s have a similar design to the classic BD-11s, but these spokes bend just a touch at the wheel’s perimeter. This gives the spokes a certain flare, like each pair is a chalice spinning in perfect harmony with the others. 

These rims want to be in the movies. We’re big fans of the bronze design with a chrome lip. They look like individual, hand-carved statues that belong in a museum—that is, if they didn’t belong on your car. 

The Future: The BD-F25

Last but certainly not least, we want to talk about the BD-F25. These wheels feel like part of an alien spacecraft that someone stole and forged into rims. 

The sharp angles and the center design’s gaps that allow the wheel to breathe are like something from the future, and we love it. 

Just imagine these rims whipping down the street in a blur. Suddenly they come to a halt. You half-expect the wheels to fold underneath the car, turn into hover ports, and fly away. This real-life flying car wishes it were as cool as these rims. 

Not to mention, the BD-F25 design replaces the typical Blaque Diamond logo with a simple diamond symbol. 

Don’t get us wrong. We love the classic Blaque Diamond Logo. Still, the simple diamond mixed with these energetic, futuristic spokes and center design are begging to be admired. They have important places to be, and they aren’t going to be late. 


We could go on and on about Blaque Diamond’s designs, but we had to stop ourselves. There just isn’t enough time in the day to cover every absolutely stunning design. 

Are these wheels for everyone? Well, no. These are high-maintenance luxury wheels, and the price reflects that. There’s a cost to exclusivity, but the wheels’ design and quality leave nothing to be desired. 

However, we should mention that even costly, luxurious rims like the Blaque Diamond line can be attainable to someone who isn’t a multimillionaire but wants to drive like one.

With Rent A Wheel's flexible payment plan, we can get you and your car rolling down the street with rims that will make people stop and mouth, “Oooooooooh!”

Whether you’re interested in the upscale classic BD-11’, the monstrously confident BD-77s, the futuristic BD-F25s, or the elegant BD-23s, Rent A Wheel has you covered.

Our team of professional tire technicians is ready to help you pick out the perfect set of rims. If you purchase your wheels with us, you get free installation at one of our many Rent A Wheel shop locations.

Blaque Diamond Wheels are for drivers who want to ensure that their car performs at its highest potential and looks good while doing it. 

We love seeing Blaque Diamond Wheels out on the street so much that we’ll do everything we can to get another set out there with you. 

If you think you can handle the attention, of course. 



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