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Cooper Discoverer AT3 vs Nitto Terra Grappler G2

Cooper Discoverer AT3 vs Nitto Terra Grappler G2

Having a city tripper or an SUV has been great for making those essential supply runs. But if you’re as sick of being inside as we are, you’re probably ready for a vehicle that will get you as far away from there as possible.

And that all comes down to the wheels. Having huge, bulky, and monstrous wheels can bolster your truck's performance to insane degrees, and those off-road capabilities are what every pick-up owner strives for.

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 and the Nitto Terra Grappler are two respectable choices for an even more respectable vehicle. Both of these have their benefits and their drawbacks, so let’s take a look at the most important differences before you swipe the credit card.

The Cooper Discoverer AT3

As one of Cooper’s newer off-road tire models, they use a patented Durable Tread technology that claims to haul heavy loads with less wear. These are meant to withstand consistent tears from debris or dirt and gravel.

With that said, the treads themselves are designed to balance pressure at the tire-to-road contact area, which makes for a smoother ride on the highway. It also uses what they call “Whisper Grooves,” which provide a sound barrier to reduce noise while driving. If only we could add whisper grooves to our bosses.

Furthermore, stone ejectors help reduce the risk of puncturing the tire itself, and rugged traction shoulders can let you have better handling when you’re boulder crawling or swimming in the mud.

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 are nice tires, that’s for sure. 

The Nitto Terra Grappler G2

Nitto claims that these wheels are designed to meet your everyday on and off-road adventures. They’re pretty confident in these guys, offering up to 65,000-mile warranties on their treadwear. For off-road tires, that’s pretty bold.

Speaking of treads, they reinforced the coupling joints, increasing the rigidity of the areas between the outermost and center tread blocks. It means they’ve got a good amount of traction.

They also use staggered shoulder lugs that connect to the shoulder tread blocks, adding a lot of stability in intense off-road conditions. Couple that with full-depth siping, which helps maintain the tread design as it wears down, and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid tire.

But anyway, enough introduction. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

On-Road Assessment

From commuting to work or running to the store, you need to ensure that your all-terrain tires work on all terrains. While both of these tires will get the job done effectively, they each have their positives and negatives that you may want to be aware of.


Usually, when tires have large tread blocks that are obviously meant for more off-road performance, you’ll notice that they drive a bit ruggedly on the highway. However, you’ll be glad to know that each of these tires feels just as comfortable as any all-season tire out there.

The rugged design still feels smooth, especially on dry roads. The steering feels predictable, refined, and stable. And this smoothness is maintained on wet roads, albeit the ride doesn’t feel as confident when it starts to rain or snow.

As far as noise, the AT3’s are a little quieter on the road when compared to the G2s. Since the G2s have such massive treads, you can hear them rumble underneath you, especially at higher speeds. It’s nothing drastic, but for people who need to make sure they hear every Kanye line on their way to the store, it might be enough to bother you.


The AT3 feels a little bit more sturdy on snowy roads overall. It’s not a huge difference, but the even design of their treads allows them to maintain consistency in situations where most tires might fall flat.

The AT3 also received the highest grade with Consumer Reports in regards to dry braking and hydroplaning. However, it also received a fairly low score in regards to ice braking. The G2 is the opposite, with better performance in icy conditions and lackluster performance on dry and wet roads. 


It doesn’t matter how great a tire performs. If they don’t look good, they won’t do your vehicle justice. Both of these tires have unique designs that are sure to perk up your pick-up. 

While each of these looks like your quintessential all-terrain tire, the G2 has a more rugged, outdoorsy feel to them. The treads are jagged and asymmetrical, and the sipes give it a super powerful feel. These are tires that will make the little sedans on the road pull over out of fear. 

That’s not to say the AT3s don’t look absolutely dope. They’re just a bit on the sportier side, more reminiscent of an ATV than a pick-up truck. But no matter your preference, we’re not here to judge.


Considering the versatility of these tires, they come at a pretty fair price. With that said, expect to pay a little bit extra for the AT3s instead of the G2s. The price difference isn’t huge, but it might be enough to dissuade an avid couponer.

A set of four brand new tires can be pricey regardless, but you can have access to some more affordable financing options through Rent A Wheel. After you find your perfect tires and wheels, pay with cash or choose from one of our flexible payment plans, no credit check required. It means you can get back to trudging through the mud without smudging up the bank account.

Off-Road Assessment

You won’t be getting one of these tires if you’re not expecting to hit the dirt and sand now and then. These are both stellar tires for all conditions, but let’s see how they stack up in even the most intense off-road conditions.


Both the AT3 and the G2 will do everything you need from an all-season tire. You’ll be able to drag a trailer to your favorite camping spot, trek through some rocky terrain, and maybe even get through some tough, snowy alpines.

The AT3 will probably be a bit more effective on light off-road terrain. The tread design is great for letting you feel like you’re still in full control when you’re driving on things like gravel or dirt. And those stone ejectors can give you peace of mind.

With that said, the G2 stands out in more intense environments. The way that the sidewall lugs connect directly to the shoulder treads gives it a lot of strength and traction if you’re ever stuck in some mud or snow. You’ll be getting a lot more traction from these, so they might be the better option for the extreme off-roader.


From trucking through the amazon to climbing through the desert, these tires are going to be consistently assaulted by rocks, gravel, dirt, and more of mother nature’s obstacles. You’ll need one that’s built to last.

Cooper offers 60,000-mile treadwear protection for the AT3s, which is pretty great. However, Nitto guarantees 65,000 miles on its hard metric sizes. That’s impressive, but that number drops down to 50,000 on their metric and flotation sizes. 

The Bottom Line

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 and the Nitto Grappler G2 are both strong contenders in the all-terrain tire category. They’re rough and tough, bolstering impressive features for every aspect of your daily adventure.

With that said, the AT3 might be a better option for someone with a healthy mix of leisure and adventure. The AT3s have a more confident drive and feel better on the steering wheel while being pretty quiet on the road. Not to mention, they have an excellent tread design for light off-road expenditures.

The G2s might be better if you’re more geared towards adventure. The sick-looking treads don’t just hold up visually, but they also have a great sidewall that gives them plenty of traction in the harshest environments. They’re also a little bit on the cheaper side, so if you’re budget tire shopping, this might be a great choice.

No matter what, you really can’t go wrong. These are tires that you’ll never get tired of, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get you some right away.

Cooper Discoverer AT3


  • Confident and smooth on-road feel

  • Excellent off-road capabilities

  • Good in wet and dry conditions


  • A little unstable in harsh environments.

Nitto Terra Grappler G2


  • Excellent sidewalls for harsh mud and snow.

  • Rugged visual design.

  • Long-lasting treads.


  • A bit of a bumpy, noisy ride on-road.


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