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How To Measure Your Wheel Bolt Pattern

How To Measure Your Wheel Bolt Pattern

If planning to purchase new rims, there are many things to think about. What rims will work with my car? What style of rims do I want? What is the wheel bolt pattern on my car? 

All these things may become overwhelming, which is understandable. Unless you’re a car expert, you probably have a lot of questions regarding your new rims. Let’s focus on one specific aspect: measuring your wheel bolt pattern. 

What Is a Wheel Bolt Pattern?

Wheel bolt pattern is a two number system that describes the measurement of an imaginary circle created by the lug holes at your wheel’s center. This is important because it helps you decide what rims you need for your vehicle. 

How Do I Measure My Wheel Bolt Pattern?

Let’s review an example of a Jeep. Jeeps typically use five-lug wheels with 5-on-4 ½ bolt patterns. The first number—five—refers to the number of lugs present, while the second number—four and a half—refers to the diameter of the bolt circle in inches.

There is one more thing to be aware of, and that’s the difference between four, five, six, and eight-bolt wheels. Depending on the car and the type of wheels you have, the number of bolts will differ. Although the process is still simple and straightforward, knowing the specifics of measuring for each bolt pattern is helpful. 

Measuring Specifics

  • 5 lug bolt pattern: Measure from the back of one hole to the center of the hole across from it. 

  • 4, 6, and 8 lug bolt patterns: For each of these patterns, measure from the centers of two holes across from one another.

It’s not a complicated process once you get started. If you’re still nervous about measuring correctly, check out these common manufacturer wheel bolt patterns below. In addition, you can always take your car to a professional to have them double-check your measurements if this gives you peace of mind!

  • 1949-2019 Ford compact/midsize/full size: 5x4.5”

  • 1975-2019 Dodge truck (half-ton): 5x5.5”

  • 1942-2019 GM SUV full size: 6x5.5”

  • 1980-2012 Jeep SUV/truck: 5x4.5” 

There are many other cars we could go over, but that would take all day! 

A Little Discussion on Rims

Since we’ve mentioned the importance of wheel bolt pattern measurements when buying new rims, we can't forget to talk about the rims themselves. 

You might be asking yourself why you need new rims? Well, there are three main reasons: a fancier look for your vehicle, better performance, or damage to your old ones.

A Fancier Look for Your Vehicle

You may want new rims for the aesthetics, which is perfectly valid. However, if you aren’t an avid car lover, this might not make sense to you. After all, why would someone spend a bunch of money on new rims that don’t actually need replacing? 

However, if you are a car lover, you understand the interest in new shiny rims for your vehicle. Not only does this make the car look sharp, but you can choose the rims to fit the car you aim to have. For instance, get sporty ones if you want a sporty vehicle. 

Better Performance

Did you know that new rims can actually improve the performance of your vehicle? These benefits include a smoother ride, better braking, improved handling, enhanced acceleration, and better alignment.

Damage to Your Old Rims

If you aren’t buying rims for the aesthetics, you are likely buying them because of damage to your old ones

Several warning signs can tell you whether your rims need replacing. These might include vibrations or loud noises coming from your car, an issue with steering, or poor fuel economy. If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs, consider looking into a new set of rims. 

Whatever your reason for buying new rims, RAW Wheels + Tires is the best place to visit for all your car purchasing needs! Keep reading to see why... 

RAW Wheels + Tires

RAW Wheels + Tires provides parts for your street, luxury, off-road, muscle, or specialty vehicle, whether you drive a Lexus, Honda, Toyota, or Tesla. So, whether your car is brand new or was passed down from your great-grandmother, there are many rim options available for you.

How Should I Make My Purchases With RAW Wheels + Tires?

When it comes to purchasing with RAW Wheels + Tires, you don’t have to be in the physical vicinity of a store. You can visit in person if convenient, or you can search and order your car parts online. 

If you do prefer purchasing at a physical store, there are over 130 locations, which means plenty of options to choose from! Buying in person allows for more personal interaction and allows you to ask questions and seek help for your car-related needs. This option is especially helpful if you get confused about cars, need extra assistance, want help measuring the wheel bolt pattern, or want tips when deciding what rims are best for you—or even if you just want to talk to a fellow car lover. 

Benefits of Purchasing RAW Wheels + Tires

When it comes to RAW Wheels + Tires, we can help you no matter where you are. Whether you’re near one of our stores or not, we’re able to assist you and provide you with a variety of options. 

There are several benefits to buying with RAW Wheels + Tires:

  • Lowest Cash Price in rent-to-own wheels and tires

  • Lowest RTO pricing

  • Not a finance company – No Credit Check and No SSN Required

  • $20 Gets You Started

  • No Deposit Required

  • 120 Days Early Purchase Option

  • 50% off remaining balance when paying off after 120 days

  • Payment flexibility: the customer picks their term/payments

  • Ability to return at any time with no further obligation

  • Industry-leading VIP Program with Road Hazard Protection

  • Free lifetime reinstatement program, shipping, mount, balance, and installation, lifetime rotation and balance, tire safety inspection, and flat tire repair

There are also a few benefits that apply to RTO alone:

  • Free lug nuts (must pay for this if cash purchase)

  • Free wheel weights (must pay for this if cash purchase)

  • $50 Referral Program

Why Should I Use RAW?

If you still aren’t sold on why RAW Wheels + Tires is perfect for your car-purchasing needs, consider some of the following...

  • You can shop online or in-store

  • RAW has the largest RTO retailer of wheels and tires in the country: ~130 locations + online 

  • RAW is in the top ten largest independently owned tire dealers in the country

  • This company has over 1,000,000 satisfied customers

  • RAW provides the largest in-stock inventory & over 1,000,000 wheel and tire package options online

  • Top brands/styles are available 

  • Cash prices are better than anyone’s advertised price

  • 5-Star Service is always given

What Should I Remember About Wheel Bolt Pattern?

Remember that the steps are simple when it comes to measuring wheel bolt patterns! This process is much easier than you may have originally thought and doesn’t have to be something that causes stress. However, you should also remember the resources you have available to help with all your measurement and decision-making needs. Use our visualizer tool; it’ll do the work for you. We can find the perfect fit for you without you having to know your bolt pattern.

The next thing to remember is this: while thinking about wheel bolt patterns, don’t forget the option of purchasing new rims, whether for a nicer look, better performance, or replacement of your damaged ones. 

Since we’ve discussed your options, it’s time to start checking those wheel bolt patterns and getting new rims for your vehicle!



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