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Lexani Wheels: Our Favorites From a Leader in Luxury Wheels

Lexani Wheels: Our Favorites From a Leader in Luxury Wheels

There’s no better feeling than being able to cruise around the city in a luxury vehicle. The leather seats, moonroof, blasting speaker systems, and more make luxury cars something to be admired. And if you’re one of the 6.3% of Americans who own a luxury vehicle, you know how important they are to you.

But the reason these cars just feel so amazing to drive has a lot to do with the wheels themselves. If you threw on a pair of off-roaders, these cars would have a much different vibe.

One leading luxury wheel brand that knows a thing or two about elegance is Lexani. If you’re in the market for a fresh set of rims, these guys have the credibility to cement themselves as one of the best. Here are some of our favorites.

What are Lexani Wheels All About?

Sure, the way a car feels to drive is important. But the way it looks from the outside is equally paramount. Over two decades ago, Lexani entered the world of custom wheels and hadn’t left since then. They know that custom wheels are a head-turning statement that can make your ride go from regrettable to unforgettable.

They’re a sub-brand of Nexen Tires, which is a South Korean company. These imported rims are well-known for their striking visual components for high-end luxury vehicles. Recently, they’ve branched out a bit and have launched their own line of tires.

It’s the go-to brand for enthusiasts that just can’t get enough of a car’s style. Sure, they're functional too -- but that’s not what you buy a Lexani wheel for. Lexani is purely meant to catch people’s attention when you zoom by on a busy strip.

Our Top Picks

We’re about to list some of our favorite styles and finishes that this brand has to offer, but we’re barely scratching the surface. Check out their entire catalog to see everything these guys have to offer.


If you just picture a Ferrari or Maserati right now, they probably have these wheels on them. This 10-spoke design is a classic, uniform look that just exudes elegance and prestige. And with a black glossy finish and machined face? We can’t think of a more solid style for your vehicle.

We recommend these wheels for people who want to have a sports car that looks straight out of Fast and Furious. It’s nothing crazy, but it’s definitely classy. 


As the name implies, you’re going to take one look at these wheels and have an intense desire to get your hands on them. It’s another classic 10-spoke design, but they curve towards the outer edge of the rim. It makes for a dynamic appearance when the car’s in motion. We especially love this one in a chrome finish for that sleek look.

These rims are perfect for someone who likes to keep things clean and loves to show off a little bit. They’re great additions to pretty much any luxury vehicle out there but might look especially fire on a Lexus or Benz.


These rims are so cool that it doesn’t even matter that they spelled “spider” wrong. Five spokes branch out from the center and split into two, reminiscent of a spider’s web. It’s complex and unique, but it’s not overwhelming. These are rims that you definitely need to get in gloss black, so it looks and feels more like the insect it’s inspired by.

We love these wheels because they can pretty much work anywhere, but we can see them looking their best on a sports car, maybe a Corvette or Miata. They’d also look great on an actual Porsche Spyder too. But you really can’t go wrong no matter where you decide to throw these wheels. You can even just hang them on the wall as a decoration if you wanted.


Lexani needs a dictionary, but these rims will still have people feeling your wrath as you zip past them on the highway. It’s a 20 spoke design where each spoke juts out from the center at a bit of an angle. It’ll make it look like you’re moving a lot faster than you are once you shift into gear. 

These look especially killer with machined spoke tips and a gloss black finish. As the name implies, these will probably look right at home on a Rolls Royce Wraith, but we also understand if you’ve got something a little more modest. These can make any luxury sedan or SUV look ten times better than it did when you drove it off the lot.


Well it looks like they finally brushed up on their spelling skills. This style is one of our personal favorites for a few reasons. For one, the spoke design is one of the sleekest options that Lexani has to offer. It just screams prestige before even being thrown on a car. But we also love how wide and thick each spoke is as well. It feels bold and proud, even compared to the other options on this list so far.

You have to get this style with a machined face to achieve that striking contrast between light and dark. These would probably look their best on a low-suspension sports car, especially if the body is also black or white. They’d also look great on a Rolls Royce Ghost… we’re starting to notice a pattern when it comes to their tire’s names.


Lexani does a pretty good job when it comes to naming their wheels because these things look straight out of a fairy tale. It’s a simple, straight spoke design, but the spokes are layered on top of one another. It makes for a really dynamic and unique twist on a classic wheel design.

Your chariot awaits these wheels. They’d look pretty cool on a brightly colored sports car, especially if you go for something with a gloss black finish. They might look really great on a Jaguar or BMW.


No, it’s not the name of an Ikea couch. It’s the final wheel in our list of favorites from this exceptional brand. It’s also a city in Germany where cars like Porsche and Mercedes-Benz are made, so that’s how you know this wheel is made for luxury cars. This design has a finesse that’s unmatched by some of the others on this list, with five dual V-shaped spokes all around the rim. 

It would feel wrong to put these wheels on a car other than Porsche or Mercedes, but we won’t judge you for whatever you decide to do with them. They’re sure to deck out any ride, big or small.

Where to Buy Lexani Wheels

Trust us, after talking about these wheels for a while, we’re craving a new set. You can get Lexani wheels from a certified dealer, but here’s the thing --  luxury wheels aren’t exactly cheap. So you’ll want a flexible payment plan.

Well, you’ve come to the right place because Rent A Wheel has a rent-to-own program where you can make minimum weekly payments for up to 78 weeks. Little upfront payments mean that you can drive around in style without having to take out a second mortgage. We don’t even need to check your credit. Just fill out an online application to get pre-approved.

So now you can get all of these wheels at a low price and just sort of let them sit around your house when they’re not in your car. 

The Lowdown

Lexani is a leader in luxury wheels for a reason. Take one look at any of their designs, and you can see why they’re a respected name in this industry.

We love Lexani wheels, and we think you will too. If you want something more nuanced and subtle but still pretty bold, go with their Gravity or Lust styles. But if you’re ready to kick it up a notch and really make a statement, Spyder and Ghost are definitely two strong choices.

And then, if you want something that’s going to stand out from the rest of the cars in the lot, go with Stuttgart, Wraith, or Pegasus. These are new takes on old classics, so you’ll turn heads no matter where you go.

But why stop there? Lexani has so many options that are all equally elegant that it’s impossible to get just one. With Rent A Wheel’s flexible payment plans and low prices, the speed is the limit.


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