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Niche Wheels Reviewed: Which Are Our Favorites?

Niche Wheels Reviewed: Which Are Our Favorites?

It’s not every day you see a wheel you absolutely fall in love with. It’s less likely to find a company manufacturing multiple wheels that steal your heart. 

Yet here we are, admiring some of the best wheels on the market, and it’s time to spill the beans.

These are some of our favorite wheels from the genius minds behind Niche Road Wheels. 

Who Is Niche?

While some companies make wheels and hope customers enjoy them, Niche Road Wheels has taken the time to listen to customers and find out exactly what they want. From trucks and SUVs to sports cars, Niche has made a wheel that will fit your needs. 

How do you understand exactly what customers want? 

By producing what they ask for. Niche has been a leading manufacturer in custom, one of a kind wheels. This means top of the line milling and machining to get one of a kind designs. 

This also means you can choose a wheel, with whatever lip or design you need. This makes Niche more than just another wheel company, allowing them to excel. 


Before you purchase new wheels for your ride, you need to make sure they will actually fit. 

When purchasing through Rent-A-Wheel, you are able to choose your car's make and model, and be presented with a list of wheels that meet your size needs. 

In many cases, you need to understand your size. This starts with a lug nut pattern. 

Lug Pattern

Lug nuts are what hold your wheel to your vehicle, and commonly come in 5, 6, or even 8 lug configurations. When shopping for new wheels, you need to know your bolt pattern. Bolt pattern refers to a measurement from the center of one stud to the center of another. 

Depending on the bolt pattern, different studs are used for the measurements.

Counting around the lugs, on a 4 lug nut pattern, you would measure from lug 1 to lug 3 in the center of the bolts.  On a 5 lug pattern, you would measure from studs 2 to 4. On a 6 lug pattern you would measure from studs 1 to 4. And on an 8 lug pattern from studs 1 to 5. 

These lug measurements need to be accurate, but also fall within set specifications. For example, The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport uses  a 5 x 108 lug pattern. This means there are 5 studs, with 108mm or 4.25 inches between stud 2 and 4. 

Wheel Size

When you purchase your vehicle, they come with a set size rim intended to use with a certain size tire. It’s important to understand your starting point. 

These sizes will be displayed clearly on your tire, and may also be stamped on the wheel itself. 

When looking at the tire, the wheel size will be part of the identification number. A wheel stamped with P 225 / 70 R 16 91 S would have a wheel size of 16 inches. 

You can always purchase larger or smaller wheels, just keep in mind that if nothing else changes, such as tire or suspension, this could have an impact on your drivability. 

Backspacing or Offset

Whenever purchasing new rims, it’s important to understand backspacing or offset. This will tell you where the mounting surface is in relation to your tire. If your tire sits too deep, you may have rubbing issues. 

Backspacing is the measurement from the back of the tire to the hub mounting surface, while offset is the mounting surface compared to the center of the total width of the tire. 

Niche Wheels

Now that you know what size wheels you want or need, let’s get to shopping some of the sexiest wheels on the market. 

Niche takes pride in providing wheels for the market as a whole. From select wheels that look great on your American muscle build, to the perfect detail for your import. Going for a weekend trip far from the paved surfaces? Niche has tires for your SUV and truck to keep you pushing forward. 


You can’t talk about Niche wheels without bringing up their Milan series. These wheels take a classic 5 spoke design, and bring it into a modern 21st century design. These wheels have made their way onto classic and modern muscle alike. From an 18 to 20 inch tire, these Niche wheels are a must have.

Milan M134 comes in a gloss bland and silver design, these wheels are the go-to for an amazing, but not too flashy look. 

Milan M135 are for the owner that wants a little more pop and shine out of a wheel, with their silver machined finish. These are a great replacement for chrome style wheels. 

Milan M188 will bring you an amazing look, with a gloss black finish. Some owners prefer the wheel is a detail, not a focal point. This wheel is perfect for you. 

Milan M134 are finished with a dark bronze coating, bringing a deep modern look to your ride. This is a dark tint machined finish, allowing you to see the metal grain below. 

Do you enjoy the look of the Niche Milan, but for your truck or SUV?

Niche has created a bulked up version of the Milan line, allowing you to push the limits in style with a 22 inch wheel known as the Milan SUV


Have you ever seen a wheel that is so iconic to the car scene, it’s a must have? 

The Methos wheels are exactly that. This race designed, street driven wheel is extremely light weight with large brake clearance and outright unbeatable design. If there’s a wheel to put on every build, this is it. 

Methos M195 remains the pinnacle of the import and sports car markets, with their eye popping design and extremely durable construction. These bronze spoke, black rim designed wheels have an eye catching hollow 5 lug design.

Methos M194 are for owners who love the black on black design, with absolute style and appeal. These tires are sure to bring your build together for a final “WOW” at any car show. 


Do you enjoy the look of a wire wheel, but don’t want the maintenance or as excessive of a look? Niche has created the Staccato wheel for you. 

The Staccato design features 20 thin spokes in a 10 cross pattern to bring you an amazing looking wheel, while remaining extremely durable with a 1 piece design. The spokes wrap from the center hub to the outside of the rim, creating an amazing effect to bring your build to that next level. 

Staccato M183 are the perfect gloss black wheel for your ride, with options including 18”, 19”, 20”, and 22” you can choose a wheel that fits your style and wheel well. 

Staccato M183 SUV brings this amazing design to your big whip, with their bulk up design. There’s nothing better than a clean SUV rolling on designer 22s. 

Staccato M182 SUV are for owners who love the design, but want a little more show from their wheel. These anthracite coated wheels are a dark silver color with a metallic shine as the sun catches them just right. This creates an amazing shine as you roll.


Are you looking for a simple, clean design which is sure to turn heads? 

Niche Sector wheels run a thin 10 spoke design, remaining a great option to show off your name brand brakes. Why have a beautiful set of brake calipers if you can’t show them off? 

Sector M196 are for owners who want a simple design, with a simple color. These gloss black wheels are sure to accent your build in all the right ways. 

Sector M197 takes that same simple design, adding a gloss anthracite coating. This dark gray coating with a metallic shine is sure to show off every detail and bring life to your ride. 

Sector M213 are for owners who want to grab the attention of passersby and enthusiasts. These bright red wheels become the focal point and accent while rolling or parked, and remain a must-have for any build. 


When looking for an iconic tire for your car or truck, you can rest assured that Niche Vice will look great, and turn heads next time you hit the streets. 

Vice wheels use a split 5 spoke design, in a spider web like design. These wheels are aggressive, and flashy. 

There are two lines including Vice and Vice SUV. Vice wheels take the aggressive design deeper into the wheel, giving a deep dish feel while Vice SUV wheels allow the design to wrap around the front lip of the rim in a durable, one piece design. 

Vice M226 are a gloss black, aggressive wheel sure to turn heads. These wheels look slick on any build, and pair perfectly with your daily street car. 

Vice M227 remains as good looking as a wheel can be. This bronze center, black lip wheel shows every edge and detail of these beautiful wheels, pairing with your performance and import build. 

New Shoes

Wheels remain the best way to show off your ride. While your wheels are just a small detail to your build, they can be seen from nearly every angle and remain a staple for “look, a custom build.”

While Niche has created some of the most iconic and well designed wheels on the market, it’s important to find a wheel that fits your taste, and your passion. 

For all your Niche and aftermarket wheel needs, ensure you shop at a distributor you can trust with Rent-A-Wheel


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