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OE Wheels: Why We Love OEM Replica Wheels

OE Wheels: Why We Love OEM Replica Wheels

Try to name a better feeling than driving a brand new car right off the lot. Despite the pressure of trying not to crash your new car on your first ride home, it feels pretty amazing. The new car scent. The purr of the engine. And brand new, untouched, shimmering wheels.

Over time, you might start to lose a bit of what made the original car so amazing, so it’s time for replacements. But if you love your car with every ounce of your being, you’ll want a replacement as close to the original as possible.

This is where OE wheels can swoop in and save the day. Let’s look at what exactly OEM replica wheels are and why they’re something you should know about before purchasing a replacement set of tires.

What are OEM Wheels?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Sometimes the abbreviation even gets abbreviated to just “OE,” but they mean the same thing. It’s a term used in technology and construction, but it’s most commonly used in automotives.

If you get an OEM replacement wheel or part, it means that the part is nearly identical in all ways to the thing that’s being replaced. The equipment is made by the original manufacturer, as the name suggests. It’s definitely the best option if you ever want an identical replacement for any of the items on your vehicle.

OEM Wheels vs Aftermarket Wheels

If you’re ever looking for a replacement wheel or rim, you essentially have two options: OEM or aftermarket. Aftermarket wheels are usually replicas that the original manufacturer didn’t make. While they’re often cheaper “knock-offs,” sometimes aftermarket wheels are expensive high-performance rims.

OEM wheels are made by the vehicle’s manufacturer and are guaranteed to match your car’s exact specifications. This means that they’ll fit and function a lot better than a replica wheel would, as those wheels were not made with your car’s exact specifications in mind.

Why are OEM Replicas Better Than Aftermarket Wheels?

When it’s time for a replacement tire, you should consider going with an OEM replica instead of choosing a knock-off. Here are a few reasons why we love OE replica wheels.

Better Performance

Aftermarket wheels are also made to fit several different types of vehicles, so they’re more generalized. This usually results in fitment issues upon installation. This can drastically affect the quality of your ride, and you may notice that it feels a bit bumpier than normal if you install an aftermarket wheel instead of OE performance wheels

Not to mention, this can cause your wheel to crack and damage more easily. What’s the point in buying a cheap knock-off if you need to keep replacing it?

Better Quality

One of the advantages that aftermarket wheels have over OEM replicas is that they tend to be much cheaper. But cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

Aftermarket wheels are made with less durable and lower quality materials as compared to OEM wheels or replicas. This means that you’ll need to replace aftermarkets a lot more often than you would with an OEM, which won’t make it worth it in the long run.

Plus, driving on poor wheels can have ripple effects on other aspects of your car, which can cause repair costs to add up like crazy. The durability of OEM wheels just makes them a lot more worth it in the long run.

But if the price is an issue, we’ve got you covered. At Rent A Wheel, you can choose from our vast catalog of high-quality tires and wheels at consistently low prices. Once you find your perfect wheel, you can choose from one of our flexible payment options to best suit your situation. It alleviates the financial burden so you can get back to what matters most: zipping around town on a fresh set of wheels.

They’re Safer

Typically, aftermarket wheels are produced overseas. While this allows them to be made for cheap, it also means that they don’t need to comply with the same safety and performance specs that OEM replicas must.

This can be super dangerous. Aftermarket wheels are a lot more concerned about the appearance of the wheel rather than the functionality. They’re often made with cheap materials. Compare that to OEM replicas that use the same high-quality alloys as the manufacturer, and you’ll probably notice a difference right when you turn on the ignition.

Low-quality wheels can mess up other parts of your car, like suspension and brakes. This can cause serious accidents down the line. If nothing else, it’s just an inconvenience.

Who Makes OE Wheels?

As the name implies, the manufacturer of your car or truck makes identical OEM replicas for your vehicle. These replicas are made with the exact specifications of your vehicle, so you can be on your way as soon as possible.

However, there’s also a manufacturer called OE Wheels that has been a leader in the replica-wheel sector for over a hundred years. These guys make some of the most high-quality factory replicas in the game.

You can check out a large majority of their catalog right here on our website. However, if you want some true OEM wheels to replace the ones on your car right now, you can take a look at the specific wheels from your manufacturer by following this link. And if you’re having any trouble, our experts are always available to answer any questions.

How to Tell When it’s Time for a Replacement

Unless you want to swap out your wheels for aesthetic purposes, you’ll probably just want to wait until the very last minute to swap out your tires. Even though OEM replicas are pretty sweet, don’t try to break your car on purpose just to get yourself a fresh set.

Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your wheels.

Visual Deformities

If you’re one of those people who just sort of drives their car and doesn’t pay much mind to the details, we’re not judging! But it’s a good idea to inspect your rims every once in a while to look for cracks or broken edges on the wheel’s rim.

If problems like this go unaddressed, they can cause you to lose air pressure more quickly in your tire, or it may increase the risk of a blowout on the road. This might happen naturally over time, but it can occur at an accelerated pace if your rims are not fitted to the car correctly. That’s why cheap aftermarket wheels can be problematic.

Problems While Driving

If you notice that you’re having a bumpier ride than normal, or if something just feels a little bit off, it might have to do with your tire’s rims. When your wheels start to become deformed, it can have effects on your driving experience overall.

Speak with a mechanic if you ever start to feel unsafe or uneasy on the road. We don’t want you getting hurt, and you don’t want anything bad to happen to your precious vehicle. Replace your rims before the problems become serious.

We get it--if you don’t want a full replacement, we can refer you to one of our specialized vendors to help repair minor issues with your damaged rims. 

The Lowdown

Replacement wheels are inevitable, especially if you milk your vehicle for all of the miles it’s got. But your new set must be just as high quality as the original factory wheels that you drove off the lot.

OEM wheels, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, are items that the original manufacturer makes of your vehicle. This ensures that your new wheel will meet the exact specifications of your vehicle and will look exactly the same.

Compare this with aftermarket wheels, which are usually cheaply made knock-offs without your specific wheel in mind. These can often be used on multiple vehicles, lacking the safety and performance tests OEM wheels must obey. 

OEM wheels are a better bet for your replicas as they’ll perform better on the road, last a little bit longer since they’re higher quality, and they’ll keep you safer by preventing other car problems in the future.

When it’s time to replace your wheels, look for high-quality OE replica wheels just to be safe. While they’re typically a little pricier than aftermarket, our affordable payment plans and consistently low prices can make the cost matter a whole lot less.


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