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Our Favorite Wheels from Moto Metal

Our Favorite Wheels from Moto Metal

Tearing up asphalt in a brand new sports car is one thing, but ripping up the mud, dirt, sand, snow, and gravel in your favorite off-road vehicle? It’s arguably a little cooler.

Your tires and wheels are the most important part of your truck, SUV, or Jeep, mostly because it wouldn’t be able to move anywhere without them. But on top of that, the durability and strength of your off-road wheels are what can mean the difference between a smooth or doomed ride.

One of the leaders in off-road wheels is Moto Metals, and they’ve got a ton of different styles that are perfect for any adrenaline enthusiast out there. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

What’s Moto Metal All About?

These guys were founded in 2002, and for the past twenty years, they’ve been making wheels that are meant to be loud, proud, and bold. Moto Metal claims that they aren’t for the mainstream folk: they are geared exclusively for those who like to be a little wild.

So we guess if you like playing things safe, you can just stop reading this article right now. These wheels are not meant for the faint of heart. With that said, every single one is high-quality and stylish, so maybe just taking a look at them will convert you over to the wild side.

Our Top Picks

Moto Metal has tons of different styles and variations, so feel free to look at our whole catalogue here. But to save you a bit of time, here’s a quick list of some that we think are real deal wheels.

1. MO985 Breakout

Starting off strong is Moto Metal’s Breakout style. We think they named it this because it will truly let you break out from the crowd. It features a unique seven spoke mesh design with a daring horizontal offset to really give your ride look as fire as it’s about to feel.

This would look great as a solid black finish, but we’re partial to anything Chrome. It just looks unbelievably clean and prestigious. It’d be amazing on any vehicle, but especially pick-ups.

2. MO986 Siege

Deep lip wheel designs have gained a lot of traction (no pun intended) in recent years, mostly because of how killer it can make your vehicle look. Moto Metal’s Siege design has a deep lip mesh with an octagonal split spoke that gives it an exceptionally powerful look. Like most of their wheels, it’s also made with cast aluminium for high quality and durability for years to come.

We like this wheel in a classic Gloss Black finish. This will give your truck or Jeep a bold upgrade without being too overkill.

3. MO922 Folsom

This is a special option for those of you with lifted and leveled trucks or Jeeps, as it offers an economical option just for those styles. But this wheel is also for people who want functionality over something good-looking. It’s a simple, clean, split-spoke deep lipper with something to prove.

Again, this is for those of you with leveled trucks and Jeeps. However, you can really make this work on any vehicle imaginable. The milled Gloss Black style is highly versatile and can revolutionize the appearance of any vehicle on (or off) the road.

4. MO800 Deep Six

If you’re looking for something that is going to set you apart from legitimately everyone around you, Moto Metal’s Deep Six wheel will do nothing less than bring you more. This is a sturdy, six spoke design that features removable spike bolts on the face of the wheel for added customization.

But what we love about this one is the truly unique Satin Black with Bronze Tint style that just exudes off-road prestige. You’ll be tearing up the dirt in style with these rims on your tires.

5. MO993 Hydra

The split eight spoke design of the Hydra wheels is classic, clean, and collected. It’s one of those wheels that just feels right on your pick-up or Jeep. We really love the classic black milled design here, but you can also customize the face insert to have some freedom over your own personal style.

This is another one of those wheels where Chrome is just the way to go. Combine the sleek, polished look of the chrome finish with the exposed, scarlet red outer rim, this is one of its kind. The only problem is that you might be afraid to actually drive on these wheels because you don’t want them to get dirty.

6. MO997 Hurricane

This is another deep lip wheel that has a killer eight spoke design. When the wheels spin, it will be reminiscent of the tropical storm from which it gets its name. But on top of that, these Hurricane wheels are made with high quality metal alloys, so they might honestly be able to keep you afloat if a real hurricane ever comes your way.

We love these wheels because they aren’t “in-your-face” but they’re unique enough to catch someone’s attention. They’re definitely a solid choice for a truck, especially if you’re looking to get that deep lip look.

7. MO996 Ripsaw

As the name implies, you wouldn’t want to get your hands caught between the spokes of this style. It features a deep lip swept five spoke design that’s reminiscent of the classic pinwheels that you used to play with as a kid. Heavy milling on the wheel’s face gives it a strong structural durability to let you keep sawing through every type of terrain imaginable.

The Gloss Black Milled design looks especially fresh, in our opinion. We think it might look pretty sweet on a typical truck, but we also think that this one was meant to be thrown on a Jeep or SUV.

8. MO988 Melee

One thing we’ll give Moto Metal for sure is that they’re pretty good at coming up with names. When you hear a rim that’s called “Melee,” you just know it’ll be good at shredding through the most difficult off-road terrain. This thing has a bold eight spoke design that makes it look extremely muscular and strong. Crisp and sharp angles where these thick spokes meet really show that you’re someone who means business.

You know we love our Glossy Black finishes, but this is another example of when Chrome just looks absolutely supreme. Those bulky spokes are just begging to be covered in this shiny, metallicy metal.

9. MO801 Phantom

The last, but certainly not least, rim on this list is the Phantom. It’s another deep lip with a channeled eight spoke design that features removable spike bolts on the face. So you can have some freedom to customize as you please. We like these wheels because they are a classic. No gimmicks, no bells and whistles: it’s just a high quality wheel.

Keep things feeling super classic by going with a Gloss Black finish. But if you want to kick it up just a notch, try it with some really dope looking Gray Tint. It’s one of those wheels that will look great on your truck, but we wouldn’t blame you if you just wanted to use it for some home decor.

I’m Sold -- Now Where Do I Get Them?

If you’re as excited to get yourself a new set of Moto Metals wheels as we are, then you probably don’t want to waste any time grabbing some. The thing is, like all off-road wheels, they can be pretty expensive, especially if you go with some of the chrome finishes like we’ve been suggesting.

But don’t pay more than you need to for some high quality rims, tires, and more. With Rent A Wheel, you can have access to tons of different Moto Metals rims at our super low prices.

On top of that, you don’t have to pay for everything right up front. You can pick from one of our flexible payment plans that works best for you. Our rent to own program, for example, gives you 78 weeks to pay off your balance, which makes for weekly payments as low as $14 on some of our smaller wheel options. Or, go with our 120-Day Same-As-Cash Price option which gives you 120 days to pay off your wheels at our exact cash price -- not a penny more.

But if none of those options work, we’ll come up with something that does! Our experts are here to come up with whatever works to get you some Moto Metal wheels and hit the ground running. Or rolling, rather.