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What Makes Rent A Wheel's Payment Plans Your Best Option

What Makes Rent A Wheel's Payment Plans Your Best Option

It’s time to get your ride lookin’ fresh, new, and ready to light up the road. Sadly, dropping a small fortune on wheels and tires can be a massive barrier to getting in the driver’s seat. 

At Rent A Wheel, we’ve made it super easy to get the wheels and rims of your dreams without maxing out your credit card. 

Our flexible payment options include Early Purchase and Rent-To-Own plans customized for budgets of all sizes. 

As car enthusiasts, we want to see your build come to life. So what does it look like to have high-quality products at the lowest industry prices? 

Buckle up, and we’ll break it down.

No Credit, No Problem

For most Rent-To-Own payment plans, companies check your credit report. A bad score will probably get you denied, not to mention these credit checks hurt your score—sometimes with a hard inquiry.

Those credit checks are unnecessary. At least, that’s what we think. Whether you have bad credit, great credit, or even no credit, we won’t be contacting your credit company. We trust you. You don’t even need a social security number to use Rent A Wheel. We don’t need it.

Too good to be true, you say? Well, believe it—because Rent A Wheel gets even better.

Free Your Wallet with Interest-Free Payment

When borrowing from banks and financing groups, you have to pay interest. While a small addition to your payment may seem like a minor inconvenience, you end up paying much more for the same product. 

At Rent A Wheel, we’re happy with your initial wheel and tire purchase and want you to come back. This means ensuring that you’re highly satisfied with your payments and price. 

Rent A Wheel helps you put more money into your ride and less into unnecessary payments by providing you with Interest-Free Payments. 

Rent and Return, No Questions Asked

Life happens. If you’re going to rent high-quality wheels, you want to know you can return them hassle-free with no questions asked. 

If at any time you’re unable to make your monthly payment or want to try a new set of wheels, simply send your wheels back. That’s right: Rent A Wheel gives you the ability to return your wheels at any time with no further obligation. Rent and repeat.

Your Way or the Highway

Many car owners aren’t driving their “Forever Car.” Why own a set of wheels that may not fit your future dream ride when you could rent the best of the best your way? 

Rent A Wheel lets you rent a wide range of wheels to fit the style of your car and your budget. You pick the payment terms and the type of payment at the lowest rent-to-own prices on the market. Oh, yeah, and there’s no deposit required.

The competitors want your cash. We want to see you soup up your ride to your heart’s content. It’s that simple. 

Acima Rent-to-Own Makes It Possible

How can Rent A Wheel offer so much when everyone else seems to be digging in your pockets? 

We have a genuine focus on creating an affordable aftermarket. That’s why we’ve partnered with Acima rent-to-own financing. 

But what makes Acima different? 

Acima focuses on small business growth and utilization. It’s not a credit card. It’s not a general loan. It’s financing for specific companies and products to help you get the products you need without breaking the bank. 

With their flexible payment plans and financing options, you’re able to make payments in a way that fits your budget. We offer flexible payment plans and opportunities to receive the top brands and styles for every type of ride, from luxury vehicles to off-road buggies to monster trucks.

If something’s gonna be on your watch and dime, it better be the best of the best. 

Don’t Wait—Get Your Dream Wheels Today

Rent A Wheel makes finding what you need super easy and super simple. Using the vehicle filter, you can find wheels that fit your car or truck exactly how it sits. If you’re looking for a different stance, you can filter available wheels with endless selections, finding exactly what you need from size to offset.

If you’re uncertain about what wheels will look best, use the Rent A Wheel visualizer to get more insight into how certain wheels and styles look on your ride.

Yup, that’s right: You can see your new spinners on your car before you purchase. It’s not magic; it’s just common sense.

How to Get Your Dream Wheels

Follow these steps, and you’ll have your dream wheels in no time:

 1. Add your new wheels to the cart, and go to checkout.

 2. On the right, under “Choose How You’ll Pay,” click “Payment Options.” The red checkout box will now say, “Get Pre-Approved.”

 3. Once you click that button, you will need to input some personal information.

Here Comes the Best Part

Your wheels will be delivered free of charge, with local Rent A Wheel distributors offering free mounting, balancing, and installation of your new wheels at any time.

Get your new wheels today, your way.