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What's New at RAW: Wheels + Tires

What's New at RAW: Wheels + Tires

Here at Rent A Wheel, our goal is to offer drivers the best wheels, tires, accessories, with the most affordable prices and payment plans. This starts with inventory. We’re constantly researching and stocking the best of the best when it comes to rims and tires, building our inventory always to have all the options you want.

Here’s what’s new at RAW:

  • Our eCommerce store has officially launched! Before now, you had to order in-store at one of our RAW locations. Now you can do either. Walk in one of our 130 stores and/or shop online anytime.

  • Our prices on rims are lower than ever and are almost impossible to beat. Instore and online pricing is the same. Don’t forget--you also get free shipping on all orders. 

  • We now carry ALL top national brands of rims. That’s right. ALL TOP BRANDS. 

  • We now offer replacement tires for all kinds of vehicles. We’re still the go-to for performance and off-road tires, but now we have even more to offer.

We’re always working on our own business, and how we operate, so that we can offer you the best wheels at the best price. That’s why we launched our online e-commerce store. Sometimes you’re picking out a new set of tires because you want them, and sometimes you’re shopping for tires because you need them, NOW. We know this better than anyone. 

No more going to a tire shop in person and picking out a set of tires that you’re not stoked on. Shopping online allows you to do your research and review your options, and our team of expert wheel technicians is available to chat over the website to help you find the perfect match for your ride and wallet. And we offer the same prices in our stores and online, so you know you’re getting the best offer we can provide.

We have the best program in the industry when it comes to buying wheels and tires. This includes our dedicated staff, product options, and our flexible  payment plan. We don’t require any credit to get you up and running, so you don’t have to worry about paying upfront for the wheels you’re dreaming of. Not to mention, our prices are currently lower than they have ever been because we want to make sure that any driver that has their eyes set on a particular set of rims can actually roll out with them, not just drool over them through the window. 

We offer free shipping to anywhere in the country when you order online. You don’t have to be in our local area to get our top-of-the-line service and options. But if you’re in the area and want to come by, we’ll install your wheels for no additional charge. 

We’re passionate about making Rent A Wheel the best option you have when it comes to shopping for new wheels and tires, which is why we make sure to have dependable, stylish, and affordable wheels and rims on our shelves. Whether those shelves are physical or digital, we’re here to get you down the road and up the mountain.