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Focal Wheels

A branch company of the well-known, high quality, and passionate Ultra Wheels, Focal Wheels continues a long tradition of making the best in the industry. Focal Wheels’ dedication to gorgeous and high-performance rims is evident in every design, from first designs to sturdy production.  

Dissatisfied with simply meeting standards, Focal Wheels puts in the effort with innovative designs to create unique rims. Focal Wheels pulls influence from fire trends and styles worldwide to develop something truly special. 

With a focus on luxury vehicles, high-performance sports cars, and sedans, Focal Wheels balances form and function to have wheels that boost performance, are reliable for years, and turn heads driving down any street. Incorporating racing aesthetics and build trends not only gives your car a professional look but also adds to your speed and control. 

The Vehicles That Wear Focal Wheels Best

Focal Wheels rims stand out, so we wouldn’t recommend them to drivers looking to get wheels that don’t spark excitement. For everyone else, Focal Wheels rims are an excellent option when shopping for a new set of wheels. 

With sizes that range from 16 to 18 inches, you might not be able to find a perfect match for a monster truck. For every other vehicle, you’ll likely see a set of Focal wheels that suits you and your ride perfectly. 

Their dedication to creating high-quality rims using advanced and unique manufacturing techniques ensures that you’ll be driving a set of Focals for years. With the style they bring to your car, you wouldn't want to take them off anytime soon, anyway. 

Focal Wheels Available at RAW Wheels + Tires

If you’re a driver on the hunt for rims that separate your ride from the rest of the crowd, the Focal 448BZ F-20s are a great choice. Their dark, satin bronze finish isn’t common and will catch the eyes of bystanders worldwide. 

Plenty of space between the 10-spoke design provides visibility if you want to show off your brake system, and these wheels’ positive offset provides a clean, flush appearance in your wheel well. At $30 a month with RAW Wheels + Tires’ flexible payment plan, the F-20s are a great way to add a unique style to any ride. We also offer incredibly low cash prices and a reasonable Lease-to-Own program, so you can get the rims you want at a great value. 

To top it off, RAW Wheels + Tires doesn’t check credit, provides free installation at our RAW stores, and free mounting and balancing, and free shipping to the lower 48 U.S. states.

For a rim that combines traditional trends with contemporary style, the 455U F-55s won't disappoint. Their classic, silver spokes reach out from the center just like your favorite muscle car poster. However, the legit gloss black outer rim and interior sets the F-55s apart and brings their whole design into the future. 

Get the F-55s installed and balanced on your car by our team of professional tire technicians free of charge when you purchase your Focals through RAW Wheels + Tires. We’ll ship your new rims fast and free anywhere in the lower 48 states if you aren’t close to one of our locations. 

If you love these wheels’ design but aren’t into the silver finish, the 455SB F-55s from Focal Wheels provide that same traditional appearance with a matte black coat, perfect for blending in with any color car.