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Foose Wheels

Foose is a well-known name in the hot rod and custom vehicle community because of its creatively brilliant designs, but that isn’t it's only strength. With forged and cast wheel options, and Foose has perfected the production process. 

Foose’s forged wheels are extremely lightweight without compromising strength or durability, providing strong looks for years. The low and balanced weight of a forged rim is perfect for cars that need a boost in speed and control. 

Foose cast wheels certainly don’t lose much in terms of performance. Still, they are notably more affordable due to manufacturing. Because of its material, Foose can create fire designs that turn heads wherever you end up going. Cast wheels tend to be on the bigger side, but for rebuilds and trucks, they’re an excellent choice for stylish and dependable rims. 

With wheel options that have one-, two-, and even three-piece designs, Foose isn’t afraid to try new things to create the best wheels on the market. Its unique and evocative designs that use classic aesthetics with contemporary style will bring a one-of-a-kind look to your vehicle. 

Foose is legendary in the hot-rod building community. Not only are Foose Wheels almost excessively inventive and unique in design, but they also emerge from a meticulously perfected manufacturing process. There is no substitute if you’re looking to transform a next-level custom build into a timeless piece of automotive Americana.

The Vehicles That Wear Foose Wheels Best

Foose is dedicated to creating rims that exceed all standards. Style, production, performance— Foose is obsessed with creating products that go above and beyond any measurement you could put a set of rims through. 

With sizes that go from 17 inches up to 20 inches, you’ll find options that fit just about any vehicle or style. Foose has rim designs that would be an excellent match for classic cars and modern vehicles alike. Its wheels come in matte black, gloss black, silver, and chrome, each with as much strength as the other. 

Foose Wheels

It is our honor to offer legendary Foose Wheels for sale. Foose is popular amongst classic hot rod enthusiasts. If that sounds like you, the F105 Legends will likely meet your standards at only $57 a month with RAW Wheels + Tires’ flexible payment plan, Lease-to-Own program, and incredibly low cash prices. 

Foose Legend wheels, with their classic five-spoke starburst, are widely desired for their ability to evoke classic muscle and hot rod styles. Beautifully clean chrome, the five-spoke design evokes classic car styles that tear through posters still hanging on the walls of workshops today. With sizes in 17-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch, the Legends offer a variety of fits for any vehicle you want to upgrade. Purists looking for more spokes and more edge will also love the Foose Knuckle wheels, which turn the 5-spoke design into a 10-pointed chrome explosion.  

If the chrome isn’t your style, the Legend also comes in gloss black with a machine-milled outer rim accent. This is the F104 Legend design, available for $48 a week. Foose rims are high quality, and at Rent A Wheel, we make it easy and affordable to upgrade your car’s performance and style.

If you want something that combines a ruggedly vintage style with a legit contemporary design, the F170 Impala will suit your vehicle perfectly. A solid, silver-machined coat doesn’t overpower your car’s look with too much shine but still has a warm glow wherever you go. 

This classic design is also available in matte black with the F168 Impala. If you purchase your set of Foose Impalas at RAW Wheels + Tires, our team of professional tire technicians will install and balance your wheels for free. Not in the area? We’ll ship your new rims anywhere in the lower 48 states fast and free of charge. To top it off, we won’t perform a credit check, so no matter what your financial situation, you can rest assured you can purchase with RAW Wheels + Tires.

Foose Wheels aren’t all old school. More modern car lovers who want a contemporary version of Foose’s traditional style can also pick up Foose Impalas for a more angular burst, while those who desire more complex geometry will be taken by Foose Outcast Wheels.  Foose’s truly contemporary designs, the F150 Outkast wheels are high-quality, futuristic rims. With an organic style that resembles a flower forged from metal, the Outkasts are a great wheel for a vehicle that needs that extra boost of fashion.

Whether you’re driving classic American muscle cars like Mustangs and Challengers, or looking to add some flair to newer makes and models, there’s no better alternative to Foose Wheel designs and constructions.