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ICW Racing Wheels

ICW Racing wheels are at the top of their class regarding performance, design, and integrity. They got there through consistent advancements and innovations. Featured in several “Fast and the Furious” films, ICW received a lot of exposure as popular, modern racing rims, but they didn’t stop there. 

Continuous development and innovative techniques are constant at ICW. ICW manufactures its fire rims using a low-pressure die casting process that stops air from being locked into the high-quality aluminum alloy during the cooling phase. This process means their wheels are stronger, steadier, and top-notch. They last a long time because of the effort the company has poured into them.

Don’t let the big-screen features fool you into thinking that ICW is all-flash. Its designs are pulled back, tasteful, and elegant. As much as ICW puts into creating its rims, it puts just as much into making sure each looks flawless. ICW wheels follow the “keep it simple” ideology, not overloading the look with flashy spokes or chaotic designs. 

ICW rims are perfect for drivers who care about their car’s appearance and want a set of wheels that complements their style without overpowering it. These rims bring together strength and aesthetics for quiet confidence with a strong sense of elegance and simplicity. 

Who Should Consider ICW Racing Wheels?

ICW Racing wheels are a great fit for drivers looking to add to their car’s style without being too ostentatious. Stylistically, its designs have a relaxed-but-luxurious air to them with a James Bond-like confidence that doesn’t need to jump around and shout about how great they are. With ICW’s high production standards and advanced manufacturing methods, the quality of these wheels is unmatched. 

With roots in professional racing, ICW knows what it takes to make an excellent wheel. Regularly adapting, innovating, and moving forward, ICW knows that there’s no room for arrogance or simply meeting standards. Instead, ICW is determined to go above and beyond. With its track record and popularity, it’s easy to see why ICW has been succeeding.

ICW Racing wheels are an excellent choice for anyone looking to step up their cars' style and performance, and their “Fast and Furious” feature is a great conversation starter. 

ICW Racing Wheels Available at RAW Wheels + Tires

If you’re looking for a legit set of wheels with an iconic style and timeless finish, the 211MS Bonzai ICW rims might be your perfect match. With a titanium silver exterior and a mirror finish on the outer rim, the Bonzai wheels look like they’re patiently waiting to go screaming down the freeway without being too flashy. A perfect blend of style and structure, ICW utilizes its advanced manufacturing process to create a set of rims that’s just as strong as it is gorgeous. 

With RAW Wheels + Tires’ flexible payment plan, affordable Lease-to-Own program, and incredibly low cash prices, the ICW Bonzai rims are cheaper than ever. 

We believe that anyone should be able to get the rims of their dreams, even if they don’t have the cash upfront. If you’re near one of our locations, we’ll install and balance your new wheels for you free of charge. Not close enough to a shop? We’ll ship your Bonzai rims fast and for free to any of the lower 48 states.