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Motiv Wheels

Motiv prides itself on creating wheels that don’t just look gorgeous but bring a high level of performance to the table as well. Created in top-of-the-line facilities, every rim is a single-piece cast alloy, designed to be at the front of the pack in weight control, balance, performance, and style. Blending the worlds of performance and luxury, Motiv makes wheels that go above and beyond any driver's expectations. Motiv is dedicated to creating striking wheels that impress with strength and style. 

A wide array of fire styles, sizes, and fits means that Motiv rims will fit perfectly on just about any street vehicle. Advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials mean that you’re getting the best wheels available, optimized for weight distribution and performance. Whether you’re looking for wheels to install on your small street racer, your heavy-duty pickup truck, or even your large SUV, Motiv has a design with your vehicle in mind. 

Who Should Consider Motiv Wheels?

Motiv makes wheels that are exciting, interesting, and accessible. Motiv has developed a process for creating rims that don’t cost an arm and a leg without compromising anything for any driver looking to step up their ride. 

With sizes from 16 to 24 inches, Motiv has a set of wheels for anything from compact sports cars to heavy-duty trucks to off-road vehicles. Plus, their variety of spoke designs and offset positions will match any style your vehicle might have. Primarily focusing on gloss black and chrome designs, Motiv knows how to make an excellent-looking rim without compromising strength or stability. 

Motiv’s manufacturing process ensures every rim goes above and beyond required standards, meaning you don’t have to worry about your performance while climbing a rock wall in your ride. Combined with their dedication to creating some of the finest-looking rims on the market, there isn’t a driver or vehicle we wouldn’t suggest checking out Motiv. 

Motiv Wheels Available at RAW Wheels + Tires

RAW Wheels + Tires has a wide selection of Motive wheels with plenty of options to make sure any driver can find what they need. If you want to add a simple but elegant set of rims to your compact sports car, the 433B Blade is an excellent choice. 

With a clean, five-spoke design in gloss back and sizes ranging from 16 to 18 inches, the Motive Blade is an affordable and stylish option. The 432B Rigor rim is also a legit option if five spokes aren’t quite enough. With seven evenly distributed spokes costing only $23 a week, Rigor wheels take a good-looking car to the next level.

If you need something a bit more rugged, the Motive 425MB is a perfect fit for off-road vehicles that can hold up under any circumstances. Going up a mountain or cruising to gala events, the 425MB wheels are a stunning addition to your vehicle that combines form and function—all for only $37 per week when you take advantage of our flexible payment plan. We also offer a competitive Lease-to-Own program and incredibly low cash prices, so anyone can benefit from wheels that excel.

When you purchase them through RAW Wheels + Tires, we’ll even ship your rims for free. That’s not all you get for free with us. If you get your wheels installed at a RAW Wheels + Tires location, we’ll do it for free. There’s no reason to go anywhere else.