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Spec 1 Wheels Available at RAW Wheels + Tires

Spec 1 has always prided itself on being a first-class upgrade for racers, off-roaders, hot-rodders, and car enthusiasts everywhere. Discover the best this iconic brand has to offer for Rent-A-Wheel’s affordable payment plans.


Who Should Consider Spec 1 Wheels?

Whether you’re looking for futuristically designed racing wheels, or the clean aesthetic of incredible cast designs, Spec 1 delivers a wide array of options for every car lover. If you’re looking for futuristic racing designs, the ornate crisscrossed aluminum slashes of the Spec 1 SP-51, SP-52, SP-53, and SP-56 and the caged starbursts of the SP-6, SP-7, and SP-20 are your go-to’s. For more robust designs, the chunkier Trak-inspired SP-20 and the simplicity of the SP-10 offer cleaner, modern looks. On the other hand, those with a taste for more traditional luxury won’t be able to look away from the classic decadence of the SP-3. No matter what your preference, we’re sure that a journey through our pages of Spec-1 rims will turn up exactly the right design for your preferences.