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When purchasing new tires, you’ll want to ensure you buy a product that fits and performs beyond your expectations.

Just Your Style

First thing’s first: you need to decide which tire style is right for your whip.

If you like your car as-is and you’re happy with its handling, ride, and speed, you should consider purchasing the same tires you currently own.

If you’re looking for a change, we’re breaking down the most popular tire styles from high performance to all-season, so you can play the field before committing.

High Performance

You know what you want, and you’re not afraid to get it. That’s why you love performance tires, with a higher speed rating, dense siping, and fantastic grip. You’ll also get great wet weather traction due to their large circumferential and lateral grooves.


Sport truck or “performance truck” tires have all-season tread for all types of weather with sipes for optimized traction. They have high-speed ratings, and they’re ready for whatever life throws at you.

Winter and Summer

Winter and summer, yin and yang. These tires are each other’s equals and opposites, with summer tires geared for warm weather in wet or dry conditions using solid contact patches, hydroplane-resistant grooves, and barely-there siping. Winter tires have harsh siping, deep grooves for expelling snow and slush build-up, and the option for small metal studs to provide traction on ice in some states.


When you’re driving every day, you want comfort, handling, and reliable performance. All-season tires give you just that with symmetrical tread patterns and grooves made for wet weather grip when you need it. Unlike winter and summer tires, all-season tires were made to perform year-round.


Also known as track tires, competition tires are designed with performance in mind. If you have a racing car like a Camaro or a Mustang, competition tires were made to help you race with the best of them in competition or at an amateur track day. If you’re not trying to go too fast or too furious, competition tires aren’t meant for daily driving.

Current Tire Rating

Once you’ve picked your tire style, it’s time to make sure your new tires will fit your ride.

You can determine whether your new tires are compatible with your vehicle by checking out their tire rating.

The tire rating will be found along your tire’s sidewall and should look something like this:

P205/75R18 87S

The first half of the label, “P205/75R18,” tells you the type of tire (P), the width (205), the aspect ratio (75), the construction style (R), and the wheel size (18).

The second half of the label starts with the load index, which tells you how much weight the tire can support (87). Finally, the speed rating (S) explains the maximum speed based on the load index.

When buying new tires, you should stick to the measurements of your original tires for the width, the aspect ratio, the construction style, and the wheel size to ensure that they’ll fit your car without ruining its performance.

For the load index and speed rating, you can switch it up based on your priorities and the style of tire that you’re buying.

Of course, size and style are only part of the battle. You’ll also want to make sure that you choose a tire that increases your comfort with easy handling and braking, road noise reduction, and the right personality.