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TSW Wheels

1 - 2 of 2 Wheel Styles - THOUSANDS of Options
Set of four as low as
No Credit Needed, Payments Starting at $65.09/wk Learn More
  • Matte Black
  • 18”
Great Price
Free & Fast Shipping (>$300 & Lower 48 States)
Road Hazard Protection Available
Free Mount & Balance (Wheel & Tire Packages) + Free Installation (when shipped to a Rent A Wheel Store)
Set of four as low as
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  • Matte Gunmetal
  • 18”
Great Price
Free & Fast Shipping (>$300 & Lower 48 States)
Road Hazard Protection Available
Free Mount & Balance (Wheel & Tire Packages) + Free Installation (when shipped to a Rent A Wheel Store)
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TSW Wheels are the product of passion, dedication, and innovation. Founded by a Formula One driver in the 1960s, the company has constantly been pushing for new and exciting ways to reinvent the wheel. Not satisfied with just creating something that works, TSW is focused on creating something amazing.

Known worldwide, TSW wheels are elegant but aggressive; beautiful, but adventurous. They embody the grit of the race track and the luxury of the box seats all in one. Created with ultra-grade alloy, TSW provides a wide variety of sizes so that just about any vehicle can be fitted with a set. 

Because cast wheels tend to be heavier and more burdensome than pricey forged rims, TSW has done the research and development necessary to create an affordable forged wheel. Bridging the best of both worlds, its created rims that are lightweight and incredibly strong but won’t cost a small fortune. Inspired by racing technology, TSW brings high-level performance abilities to the street.

Who Should Consider TSW Wheels?

TSW wheels are optimal for drivers looking to heighten their car's performance and style. Each and every wheel is inspected for proper balance to ensure a smooth and flawless ride. TSW creates rims for drivers who are passionate about the form and function of their rides and aren’t willing to compromise. 

TSW has wheels available in sizes ranging from 17 inches to 22 inches that come as one-piece casts. The process it uses to create each rim forces different pressure between the hub and the outer rim, creating an extremely durable structure. 

TSW offers wheels in gloss black, matte black, mirror cut, titanium, silver, gunmetal, bronze, and chrome. Its fire designs ooze luxury without being snobby, with a wide variety of multi-spoke patterns and offset positions to provide a perfect fit for just about anyone. 

TSW Wheels Available at RAW Wheels + Tires

We’re big fans of TSW at RAW Wheels + Tires. It knows how to create gorgeous-looking rims that don’t compromise on strength. That’s why we carry four pages of TSW rims, all available for purchase with our flexible payment plan that allows drivers to get the rims of their dreams without breaking the bank.

The equal importance TSW places on function and form makes them an excellent choice for those wanting to bring a little flair to the track or to hard daily driving. While TSW rims have an iconic aesthetic, each product offers refined differences in design. If you’re searching for a stand-out look, the ever-popular TSW Nurburgring sports thin spokes organized in a perennially popular hexagonal burst formation. The Nurburgring wheels are also available in 17x8 weights, 18x8 weights, and 19x9 weights for hot makes and models such as the Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model Y, as well as the C5 Corvette

Other stylish thin-spoked models include the TSW Turbina design, while the Launch Wheels, and TSW Brooklands offer something more classically-minded. Regardless of your tastes, we’re sure you’ll love your TSW wheels as much as we do for their beautiful looks that don’t compromise on strength.

If you’re looking for wheels that stand out from the crowd, the TSW Silverstone will add a level of elegance to any vehicle. With a multitude of spokes shooting straight out for the center with a gloss black finish and a mirror cut lip, the Silverstone rims look like a much nicer version of something you’ve seen before. 

If you’re on the market for something more reserved, the TSW Brooklands are a great choice. Matte black with ten straight, solid spokes, the Brooklands would suit a vehicle that a certain suave British spy would drive. Available in 17 inches and 19 inches, the Brooklands fit great on a sedan or luxury vehicle. 

Whether you want legit rims that stand out from the crowd or elegantly blend in, RAW Wheels + Tires will install and balance your new wheels for free when you’re able to come into one of our locations. If you’re not able to come in, we’ll provide fast and free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states. Through our incredibly low cash prices and flexible Least-to-Own program, TSW tires are for everyone.

RAW Wheels + Tires won’t perform a credit check, and if you install your wheels at any of our RAW Wheels + Tires stores, we’ll install and balance your wheels for free. We’ll ship your rims for free to anywhere in the lower 48 U.S. states.

TSW wheels are fantastically designed and built, and we believe anyone interested in them should be able to add them to their vehicle as easily and affordably as possible.