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US Mags

US Mags Wheels Available at RAW Wheels + Tires

US Mags wheels have an unchallengeable pedigree in the automotive aftermarket industry. In the 1960’s, American racing legend Parnelli Jones and his partner Art Hale Sr. were in need of a source for strong, widebody wheels to accommodate high-performance Firestone tires. US Mags was their solution and has become the longest-running custom wheel tradition in the world.


Who Should Consider US Mags Wheels?

US Mags’ storied history is always on display in their unique range of designs. The US Mags Rambler rims bring the 10-spoked, gun-metal Beauty of Classic Americana to vintage muscle cars and trucks, while the whorled blades of the US Mags Desperado 5 can give you the vortex effect you need to truly finish off a custom low-rider. The US Mags CTen even takes its inspiration from the struts of a steering wheel to help you maintain ultimate control. But wait, hold up, What Size are US Mag Wheels? US Mags makes products available in 17-inch, 18-inch, 20-inch, and 22-inch sizes to match specs for the hottest makes and models like the Corvette C10, and others.