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Purchase a wheel & tire package and the mounting, balancing, and shipping are all included FREE!


Purchase a wheel & tire package and the mounting, balancing, and installation are all included FREE!

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Shopping for Wheels

Whether you’re looking for bigger and better rims or want to update an old classic, you know your style best. Once you find an awesome wheel, you want to be sure it actually fits. Knowing the way a rim should fit your whip will help you buy the right product every time.

Filter by Your Vehicle

Rent A Wheel’s got your back, which is why we make it easy to filter wheel options by vehicle.

If you start searching on a page dedicated to your ride’s specific year, make, and model, you can drive away knowing you have a near-stock fitment infused with your custom style.

Wheel Diameter

When we say wheel diameter, we’re talking about the visual size of your wheels. From 15” perfect for picking the kids up from school to 26” rims that would make the Fast and the Furious cast weep, we’ve got every wheel size you need to create your perfect ride.

Changing the size of your rims will completely switch up your ride’s look, and it can change your ride’s height, too. Don’t forget to compare your stock vehicle height with your new options.

Tire Sidewall Height

Wheel diameter isn’t the only thing that affects your vehicle’s height and the way your whip rides.

Measured in millimeters, a higher tire sidewall gives you a smoother road feel and a taller overall vehicle height. A lower sidewall height will have a stiff road feel and a lower overall height.

Make sure you choose your new rims keeping tire sidewall height in mind, so you can get exactly what you need.

Wheel Width

You can change your wheel width, but that doesn’t mean you should. Each wheel and tire was made with its optimal width in mind, and the stock width makes sure that your rims won’t hit your vehicle while turning, driving, or during suspension travel.

As we said, you can do it if you want to. But why would you want to?

Backspacing or Offset

If you change your wheel width, you’ll probably have to change your required offset, too.

To ensure that your rims don’t hit your vehicle while you drive, they need to have the correct mounting location.

Backspacing is the measurement from the rear of the rim to the mounting surface, and offset is the mounting surface measured from the center of the rim.

If the mounting surface is more inward—or a reduced backspace—the rim will sit further away from the vehicle. A mounting surface further from the vehicle will pull the tire in closer.

Lug Nuts

Lug nuts are no joke. Lugs might look alike, but the stud pattern and lug size will change for every vehicle.

The lug mounting angles have to match the rim’s mounting surface, and the thread size and thread pitch have to match the studs used on your vehicle. It can be a lot to consider, but Rent A Wheel has you covered.

At Rent A Wheel, you’ll always have the right lug nuts installed for FREE.

Center Bore

Sometimes, wheels use the wheel hub’s center bore as an extra-secure mounting surface to help keep the rim centered during installation.

If your vehicle was designed with a center bore in mind, you need to buy a wheel with an available center bore—it makes sense.

All Wheels Are Not Equal

Once you’ve learned everything there is to know about rims, buy your rims from a reliable retailer that carries reliable brands.

Knockoffs and cheap rims create potential risks for your vehicle, and they haven’t been properly tested to ensure they won’t pop off the first time they meet a pothole or hit road debris.

RAW Wheels + Tires has over one million wheel and tire packages online, with top brands and styles available at the lowest prices on the market. We provide free shipping, free mounting, free balancing, free installation, free tire safety inspection, free flat tire repair, and 5-Star Service from local professionals. Yeah, that’s a lot of free stuff.

Basically, at RAW Wheels + Tires, tested and proven wheels are the only option. We give you brands you can trust at prices you can afford.

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