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XFX Flow

XFX Wheels Available at RAW Wheels + Tires

In 2017, XFX Off-road took the truck wheel industry by storm with innovative designs and superior manufacturing processes. While our selection of XFX is small compared to some of our other featured brands, the XFX Flow Series Wheels we do carry are the latest and arguably most impressive addition from an ambitious up-and-comer.


Who Should Consider XFX Wheels?

Manufactured using flow-form technology, every Flow series wheel is stronger and lighter weight than those made by traditional casting. The result is wheel models renowned for superior designs and performance. However, manufacturing processes are only one powerful innovation. Our XFX 302 and XFX 303 wheels sport standard floating caps and XFX Flow wheels are also all dual-drilled exposed lug wheels, making them compatible with spike lugs and other crucial finishing touches.